5 Tips To Protect Your Home Furniture During Festive Season

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Picture this: You’ve furnished your house with pieces of furniture you’ve carefully curated, creating your own sanctuary that you’re proud to call home. 

With festivities around the corner, you excitedly prep the house with decorations, creating the perfect ambience for the festive season. So now, you’ve got guests leaning back comfortably on the sofa in the living room with a glass of wine in their hands, admiring your new place or the new items you’ve furnished your space with. 

While you’re glad that everyone seems to be fully immersed in the festive atmosphere and enjoying your place, the next worry that comes to mind is – will there be spillage of food or drinks on those new carpet rugs? Or wine stains on that new solid wood coffee tabletop

Before you’re caught between the dilemma of hosting guests or not for the fear of food and drinks spillage on your furniture in Singapore, here are some tips for you so you can still host your guests and relax during the party!

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#1. Declutter

Take some time to start decluttering your home! Store away any items you do not frequently use and place items back to where they belong. This would help to reduce not only visual clutter but also any accidents in the home, such as accidentally knocking over that bottle of ketchup and causing spills.

If there are kids around, remember to declutter the study room too as that’s where the kids will usually hang out together after meals!  

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#2. Place pads at the bottom of your furniture

You might be mindful of your hardwood floor and lift the chair up slightly from the floor to sit,  but your guests will probably be clueless and simply drag the chair out. Place chair glides or furniture pads under the legs of the chair will help to solve that. Other than protecting your floor, it is a good way to reduce noises as well.

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#3. Place coasters on the table

If you have a wooden dining table or coffee table, prevent any watermarks or rings on your tabletop by spreading out coasters on the table for the guests to use them. Leaving them in a tidy stack will not do the trick as not all guests will reach for the coasters automatically. Even if there are any spills, the coasters on the table will absorb the spill, reducing the likelihood of leaving a stain behind. 









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#4. Perform light clean-ups in between

As you and your guests finish the food, you can look around for any empty cups or plates and place them in the sink as you head towards the kitchen. Not only does this reduce the chance of spills and accidents, but it also speeds up the cleaning process after the guests have left.

However, do try to do this as discreetly as possible so that your guests do not feel pressured to finish up the food or leave! 

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#5. Use stain guards 

Last but not least, you can also make use of the stain guards that are on the market. For example, you can easily get a 3M Scotchguard Rug and Carpet Protector that can help to repel any water that’s being spilt onto your cushions or sofa. Just give your fabric items a spray and you can be worry-free about all the spills!

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