5 Tips to Design Your Home Office To Increase Work Productivity At Home

Whether you’re self-employed or work in an office, chances are you’ve worked from home before and understand how much of an impact the environment can have on your productivity level. Some find their productivity levels increasing with lesser distractions at home, but there are also others on the spectrum that find their work productivity decreasing. While there are certain limitations when it comes to setting up your workspace in the office, you have the freedom to design and set up your workspace at home the way you want. 

If your work productivity has been decreasing, it’s time to look at your existing home office ! Here are 5 changes you can look at to improve your productivity while working from home.

1. Quiet As a Mouse

If you are having a hard time to concentrate, it might be time to relocate your home office! Choose a corner of your house that is away from the main road or your children’s play area so that you will not be distracted by the traffic condition on the road or your children’s laughter. With most of us living in a hdb flat, it might be hard to find an ideal quiet room. Consider soundproofing your wall!

Another alternative is playing some white noise in the background. Some find themselves focusing better when they have white noise in the background, while some work better in a quiet zone so they can concentrate on the task at hand. Find out what works best for you.

2. Declutter Like Marie Kondo

Instead of asking if certain items sparks joy on your office desk, ask if they help you to spark productivity. Does it help you in your work? If the tool isn’t necessary, it’s best to keep it away from your desk so that it does not become a distraction in the end! Creating some space allows you to work more efficiently and it also helps to declutter your mind too! 


Study Tables

Halen Teak Study Desk





3. Natural Lighting

Lightings are also crucial – make sure there your room has a good lighting so that you are not straining your eyes as your work. Cool lights are better than warm lights for concentration, so even if you want to create a cosy ambience for your home office, best to use cool lights!

4. Create a To-Do List 

Time just seems to pass by quickly when you’re working from home – it’s easy to lose track of time! Create a to-do list for that day and keep it somewhere you’ll be able to see at one glance. It will help you to keep track of your progress for the day, and you’ll be less likely to miss out any important task you have to complete for the day!

5. Take Breaks

When you’re feeling tired, it’s perfectly fine to take a break from your work! By taking breaks, your mind will feel much more refreshed, increasing your productivity! Just remember to time your breaks and return to your task to get them done by the end of the day!





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