Living Room Furniture

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Shelves & Cabinets

Aadam Teak Display Rack


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Aahna Teak Coffee Table




Shelves & Cabinets

Aamani Teak Cabinet



Bedside Tables & Storage

Abaigeal Teak Arched Cabinet Rattan


Bedside Tables & Storage

Abbagail Teak Cabinet Rattan



Office Storage

Abigail Teak Cabinet




Shelves & Cabinets

Adabelle Teak Display Shelf


Bedside Tables & Storage

Adalaide Teak Sideboard Rattan



Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Adam Teak Coffee Table


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Customize options are available to alter the size of living room furniture
Find your next solid wood living room furniture for your home at Wihardja furniture showroom.

Living Room Design
Living rooms are usually designed near the entrance of the house. It's a space where family and friends can gather and relax together. A lot of social activities are carried out in the living room so furnish your living room for your needs!

How to decorate a small HDB living room?
Choose a sofa with a small profile. Avoid chunky sofas and look for ones that are sleek and light. For extra seating, get ottomans so that you can pull them out easily or keep them away. To save more space, use a side table instead of a coffee table!

How to choose the ideal lighting for my living room?
Soft white light that is warm and yellow is widely used to create a cosy ambience in the living room. For lighting options, there are plenty to choose! From recessed lights to track lights, it all boils down to the style you want for your living room.

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