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3 Reasons Why Round Dining Tables Is The Right One For Your Home

3 Reasons Why Round Dining Table Is Better For Smaller Spaces Most homeowners in Singapore are naturally inclined to purchase rectangular dining tables for their home, given the layout of the usual HDB flats are usually rectangular in area. While rectangular tables work well in most spaces, sometimes a round dining table will be a […]

Marble Design Inspirations For 5 Different Home Interiors

Round marble top dining tables in Singapore were a common sight back in the 1970s in the coffeeshop. Coffeeshops, also known as ‘Kopitiams’ were a popular breakfast spot for the locals where families or friends gather together.  With industrialization, marble slowly faded away as plastics can be mass-produced and comes at lower costs, affordable for […]

How To Make Teak Wood Furniture Last | Home Guide

Known for its durability and high oil content which gives it its water-resistant properties, teak wood has been a popular choice for many homeowners for quality home furnishing whether its for indoor or outdoor furniture in Singapore. Prized for its longevity of usage and the appeal of its natural wood grains and golden glow, you […]

5 Timeless Furniture With Wood+Glass Combination To Last You A Lifetime

Wood brings a rustic and warm vibe while glass adds a chic and luxurious touch to the piece. Elegant and stylish, the combination of wood and glass furniture will last you a lifetime.  They are also easy to style and blend into any home interiors decors, be it Scandinavian, Minimalist, Industrial or an Eclectic look. Whether […]

6 Cool Ways To Showcase Your Collectibles Whether You Own A Shelf Or Not

Ladder shelves are the go-to design for homeowners nowadays and it’s easy to see why! Breaking away from the conventional bookcase designs where it’s usually a standard rectangular shape with shelves or compartments, this ladder shelf, just like its name suggests, is made of shelves with varying lengths placed horizontally to mimic the look of […]

6 Space-saving Furniture For Every Small HDBs And Homes In Singapore

We all understand the struggles of staying in a small HDB or BTO flat. While you can try leading the trending minimalist lifestyle or try decluttering the Marie Kondo way, it might not be a viable option for all. Space-saving furniture is an ingenious solution to make your living space look bigger. Whether it’s in […]

7 Pinterest Inspirations For a Minimalist Nature-themed Vanity Area

Complete your Scandinavian bedroom look with this danish design inspired dressing table set that comes with a matching stool. It features four drawers to keep your items so you can keep your surface neat and tidy.  Here are 7 other inspirations from Pinterest for ideas on how to style and achieve that minimalist vanity area […]

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