6 Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Minimal and Posh

While these bedrooms are clean, simple and almost looked as if it was effortlessly put together, this look can be harder to achieve than it really seems. It does not have any distinctive design element that can be easily spotted, hence making it hard to replicate the look if you do not have a keen eye for details. 

Before diving straight into decorating your bedroom, here are 6 tips that will help you pull off this effortless and clean look for your bedroom.

#1. Cut the clutter 

First and foremost, declutter your room! Do you have a pile of clothes stacked on the floor? Or tons of skincare products sitting on the vanity table but you only ever use that one or two products regularly?

As a general rule of thumb, only place the items you reach for regularly on the tabletop. The rest can be placed inside the drawers so you will have minimal clutter and it will not collect desk as well. If you have a small bedroom, these designs tips will help you as well! 


Queen Size Bed Frames

Tiffanie Teak Bed Frame Queen


Queen Size Bed Frames

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Queen Size Bed Frames

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#2. Mostly Monochrome

Whether you choose to join the light or go over to the dark side as the main colour, keep the colour palette simple and monochromatic throughout the bedroom.

The easiest way is to keep everything simple such as using plain bedsheets instead of going for ones with fancy prints. You can also keep things neutral with wooden bed frame! Remember, less is more

#3. Level up with Lampshades 

In a normal Singaporean house, we hardly see any lampshades around. Whether it’s the practicality of it (how your mom nags that it will collect dust and troublesome to clean) or the lack of variety on the market in the past, lampshades seem to slowly fade out of trend.

But in today’s market, there are tons of modern designs available which can easily fit your bedroom’s decor. Lampshades bring that warm glow which you can usually find in hotels, giving a cosy and posh touch to your bedroom.

#4. Bring Out The Curtains 

Curtains add another layer of texture to your bedroom, giving that lush feel. For the best of both worlds, add in a day curtain other than the blackout curtain. A day curtain offers you some privacy away from the prying eyes of your neighbours living opposite your block while allowing natural light to light up your room!



Queen Size Bed Frames

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Queen Size Bed Frames

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#5. Cover with Comforter

Singapore’s humid weather is definitely not cool enough for comforters. Go for ones that have temperature-regulating property or those made with organic material such as bamboo or 100% cotton.

With that, you have created that beautiful, fluffy aesthetic that looks ready to be jumped on anytime.

#6. Attention to details

If you’ve spent hours visiting various furniture in Singapore for the perfect bed frame but still feel that something is lacking, it’s because small details make a big impact.

Pay attention to little things such as the placement of your photo frames, or the material you use. For example, changing that brass doorknob to a brushed-golden one would immediately give a different look! Or maybe a sleek platform bed in Singapore

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