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5 Subtle Ways For A Scandi-looking Living Space

While the Scandinavian design has been around since the 1950s, it only gained popularity amongst homeowners in Singapore in the late 2010s.  Scandinavian designs were marked by soft, warm and light furnishings as they were crucial for the Nordic’s long winter nights back in the 1950s. This meant the interior had to be cosy and […]

5 Tips To Protect Your Home Furniture During Festive Season

renovated bto/resale flat with scandinavian mid-century style

Picture this: You’ve furnished your house with pieces of furniture you’ve carefully curated, creating your own sanctuary that you’re proud to call home.  With festivities around the corner, you excitedly prep the house with decorations, creating the perfect ambience for the festive season. So now, you’ve got guests leaning back comfortably on the sofa in […]

3 Important Tips To Buying Outdoor Furniture For Your Balcony or Garden

teak wood bench and table in one

Having your own balcony or garden where you can spend time outdoors uninterrupted, free from wearing a mask is probably a dream most of us would like to have. Furnish your space with quality furnishings to truly enjoy your space.  From benches, tables to swings, there are tons of outdoor furniture to choose from. How […]

7 Easy DIY Desk Organizer For Decluttering Everyone Can Do

scandinavian teak dressing table with mirror

7 DIY Desk Organizer For Decluttering Everyone Can Do Organizing your desk and allocating a designated space for everything is the first step to getting any work done. With a neat and organized desk, you can easily reach for that book you need to make some reference to without spending and wasting time looking amongst […]

5 Tips To Make Your Clothes Smell Amazingly Fresh

elegant teak wood wardrobe with drawers

Does your clothes smell old and musty? Washing your clothes with the right kind of detergent is crucial, but so is keeping your drawers and closet fresh. If you find changing your detergent does not help, try opening your closet and airing it for at least a couple of hours before placing your clothing back. […]

7 Creative Wall Shelves Ideas For Small Homes In Singapore | Wihardja

4 tier teak wood ladder shelving

Bookshelves are often deemed as just a space to store books and other items in the house. Most bookshelf designs you can find in the market in Singapore are also more often than not similar to each other. What sets one wall shelf apart from the other is usually just the dimensions, colour and the […]

Explore These 8 Rooms Inspired By Nature For Your Home

teak rattan tv console with four doors

Explore These 8 Rooms Inspired By Nature For Your Home Singapore is known as the Garden City, dedicating spaces for greenery with nature parks dotting across the sunny island. With greenery being a huge part of Singapore’s DNA, biophilic design is popular amongst many homeowners as well.  Whether it’s the use of natural materials or […]

We’ll Tell You What’s Your Personality Based On The Style Of Your Desk

sleek chic industrial wooden study desk

Giving your study area or home office a much needed revamp?  It might seem like all you need is your laptop and a surface to start working from home, but the work environment can affect your productivity level significantly! From the level of comfort, colours, style and material, everyone has their own preferred style.  When […]

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