8 Stylish Small Bedroom Design Tips For A Big Impact

Worrying about how to style your tiny bedrooms? We totally feel you. Living in Singapore, whether you live in HDBs or condos, most of us face the same struggle for space especially when it comes to sharing rooms. That’s why we have put together a list containing 8 tips that will help you to style your bedroom!

#1. Utilize The Corners

Most of the bedroom layouts we see in the movies usually places the bed in the centre so that there is ample space to get off the bed on either side. Unfortunately, the layout of the bedrooms in Singapore usually comes in different shapes and sizes. Fully utilize the corners of the bedroom and select a simple layout that can help to maximize your space. 


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#2. Use Bright Colours

Bright spaces is one of the easiest ways to create an illusion of a bigger space. Add some focal point to your room with bold and bright colours! Dark colours tend to create a claustrophobic look. However, if you are a fan of dark colours, not to worry! You can still incorporate dark colours into the design of your bedroom while making it look spacious if it’s done right! 

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#3. Keep Things Sleek

When it comes to selecting furniture, it never means that you have to choose a small or a tiny one. What you should do is to opt for sleek furniture, such as choosing a bed with a sleek bedframe instead of a bulky one. That will prevent your room from looking crammed with furniture. For example, you can choose a bed frame in Singapore that stands atop angled legs instead or those that sits directly on the floor. This creates a more elevated and airy look.

#4. Use Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture are great space savers as they serves multiple functions while using the same space. For example, a study desk in Singapore with display shelves on top helps to utilize vertical space. Or a bedframe that offers storage drawers below to maximize space.

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#5. Let Natural Light In

With the same theory as using bright colours, letting natural light into the bedroom makes the room look more spacious. Install day curtains for natural light to shine through while protecting your privacy from the prying eyes of your neighbours living the opposite block.

#6. Ceiling To The Floor

If you have a low ceiling, one trick is to use some curtains in your room! Some homeowners hang curtains starting from the height of the window and stop one foot above the floor so that it’s easier to sweep and mop the floor. But to create a higher ceiling, the curtain rod should be placed as close to the ceiling and allow the curtain to run as close to the ground as possible.

#7. Go Vertical

For any patterns or wallpapers in the room, go with vertical lines instead of horizontal lines. This creates a taller ceiling too! This tip also works for clothings! When you pick out clothings, avoid horizontal stripes and go with vertical ones to make you look taller and thinner!




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#8. Declutter

The last but most important tip is to declutter! The tips above can help to style your small bedroom while making it look more spacious, but it does not work if your room is still full of items. Declutter and keep only the essentials or the ones that truly ‘sparks joy’ as Marie Kondo put it.

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