5 Subtle Ways For A Scandi-looking Living Space

teak dining table with pencil leg

While the Scandinavian design has been around since the 1950s, it only gained popularity amongst homeowners in Singapore in the late 2010s. 

Scandinavian designs were marked by soft, warm and light furnishings as they were crucial for the Nordic’s long winter nights back in the 1950s. This meant the interior had to be cosy and bright. The consideration for practicality led to a functional and open space that favours lighter colours with clean forms. 

In the current age, neutral palettes, clean lines and functionality were the hallmark of modern Scandinavian interiors. Though simple, the attention to detail such as using quality furniture is what makes the space elegant and beautiful in its simplicity. 

If you’re trying to change your existing home interior for a more Scandi-vibe without a big overhaul, these 5 little subtle ways are perfect to get you started! 

#1. Switch to Wooden Furniture

Furniture crafted from natural material such as teak wood is usually seen in Scandinavian interior designs as they have the ability to bring warmth to the space while being simple and practical at the same time. 

For the dining area, the dining table is paired with 2 wooden dining chairs and a long bench with an adjustable backrest. Simply flip the backrest to the left, and there is additional seating just behind the sofa for guests. This clever little bench opens up the possibilities of the area between the dining room and the living room. 

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#2. Candles

Candles became one of the main elements in a Scandinavian house as they are needed to provide light and warmth during those long winter nights back before electricity was a global phenomenon. 

While candles might not a practical choice for homes in Singapore due to the humid weather, homeowners can play around with different lights instead. Opt for an orange light instead of a white light to mimic the soft glow from candles, bringing warmth and a cosy ambience to the space. 

#3. Simple & Natural Decoratives

The last thing you want to create is a rigid and stiff look to your space. Avoid placing home decors made of glass or metal and opt for wood, pebbles, marble or granite instead. Wood has the ability to bring warmth to your space, so consider wooden sculptures such as a Suar wood dog statue that is sculpted by hand out of wood!

#4. Rugs

Carpets and rugs are definitely one of the main element when it comes to Scandinavian design. It’s a good addition to your living room too especially if you love hosting people over the weekends, creating a comfy seating for your guests other than the sofa! Tons of other carpet and rugs designs available over at The Carpet Shop

Source: Linenhouse

#5. Cushions and Pillows

Being all about warmth and relaxation, choose pillows that are textured and soft. If there are pets or kids at home, having velvet or fur cushions might not be the ideal choice. Change things up by choosing thin throws to add a layer to the sofa so that it’s more inviting. 

Throws are also a practical option to keep any accidental spills from staining the sofa directly. For home with pets, it’s also a good way to protect the sofa from fur, making it easy to wash and clean! 

If you’re still in the conceptual stage of designing a Scandinavian-inspired home, check out these 5 easy steps to design a modern Scandinavian look for your interior! 

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