3 Important Tips To Buying Outdoor Furniture For Your Balcony or Garden

teak wood bench and table in one

Having your own balcony or garden where you can spend time outdoors uninterrupted, free from wearing a mask is probably a dream most of us would like to have. Furnish your space with quality furnishings to truly enjoy your space. 

From benches, tables to swings, there are tons of outdoor furniture to choose from. How should you choose and what are some of the things you need to take note of? 

#1. Usage of the space

First and foremost, consider the usage of the space. A swing might look good but it can seat 2-3 pax at one time only. If you have a family of 4 and would like to spend time together in your outdoor area, having a coffee table and some benches might be a more practical choice. 

#2. Is The Area Sheltered? 

While outdoor furniture is meant for outdoor spaces, placing them under a sheltered area can definitely protect the furniture from the harsh outdoor elements. This can ensure that you have a longer usage of your items! 

#3. Surface Of The Item It Is Standing On

Lastly, look at the ground it stands on. While balconies are covered with tiles, most gardens are covered with soil. Whether its teak wood or metal or rattan or wicker, long exposure to the moisture in the soil will erode the material slowly. The best way to protect your outdoor furniture is to ensure that the item is placed on tiles or other surfaces that are moisture-free. 

After understanding some of these points to consider, let’s take a look at how these 5 homeowners chose their outdoor furniture! 

#1 An Outdoor Workspace

While most of us would love to have a room dedicated for a home office, it is usually not practical for those with family. More often than not, they resolve to using the dining table which might not be conducive with the rest of the family members in the living room. 

This homeowner has hence decided to transform the balcony area into a workspace with this Penelope Teak Dining Set. It is a great idea as they are able to close the sliding door, minimizing any distractions from the rest of the family while they work. Oh, and it also provides a good area for some afternoon tea!




#2. A Swing For Relaxation 

This school has chosen a swing for its outdoor area that is located just outside the library, providing an area where students can take a break from studying and step out for some fresh air. Students or staff can also relax and make some small talks on this Cole Teak Swing, letting their mind relax from the daily studies and work.

#3. A Seat Amongst Greenery

This outdoor area is neither a balcony or a garden! Have you seen HDB buildings in a squarish layout with just four units once you exit the lift? Some HDB buildings are blessed with a wide common area just right outside their flat! 

This homeowner has cleverly utilized his space by placing this Aaliyah Teak Party Bench along with plants, allowing family and friends to take off or put on their shoes with this additional seating.  What’s interesting about this bench is also its flexibility to transform into a table with two benches on each side for more seating capacity!

#4. Party Dining Bench For Parties

With the love of hosting parties regularly, this homeowner has chosen some Tessa Teak Bench. This classic bench design is the perfect addition to the garden for some outdoor BBQ parties, or birthday celebrations! Of course, don’t forget your outdoor party essentials


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classic teak wood bench for outdoor garden

#5. A Seat With A View

For such a narrow balcony, some homeowners will place their plants, but most homeowners will usually skip utilizing the area as it is too narrow. A great way to still utilize the area is by placing some narrow benches such as this Connor Teak Bench so that you can sit and enjoy the view that comes along with the unit!

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