7 Easy DIY Desk Organizer For Decluttering Everyone Can Do

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7 DIY Desk Organizer For Decluttering Everyone Can Do

Organizing your desk and allocating a designated space for everything is the first step to getting any work done. With a neat and organized desk, you can easily reach for that book you need to make some reference to without spending and wasting time looking amongst a pile of books stacked everywhere. 

While there are tons of organizers in various sizes and colours on the market, to find an organizer that fits your needs or space perfectly, you’ll have to scour through the internet to get that specific dimension you need. 

Check out these 7 DIY organizers instead and start decluttering! 

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#1. Legoman Cable Holder

Got some legos lying around the house? Are you always accidentally stepping on them? Put them to good use and prevent them from lying strewn around the house by creating a simple cool cable holder! A legoman is perfect for the job to hold your cables in place.

Console Tables

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Console Tables

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#2. DIY Corkboard

Get a piece of cork board and a cereal box for this simple diy project. Cut the cereal box to create a holder for your stationeries, and glue it against the cork board. Use some pins to pin up your notes or to hang stationeries like tapes! Now, all your stationeries is in one place where you can find them easily.

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#3. Power Extension Organizer

Hide your cables away from sight and declutter your desk with this neat idea! Simply drill some small hooks to hold your wire basket in place and place your power extension in it to keep it off the floor and your tabletop. 

Now, doesn’t your desk look much sleeker and neat with all the cables out of sight?

Dining Chairs

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#4. Cords Organizer

If drilling is not your forte or you don’t have a power drill, a pvc pipe does the trick well. Cut a small opening and slot your cables in them. Glue the pvc pipe under your desk and you’ll have all the cables off the floor.

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#5. Drawer Organizer

Drawers are usually a mess! Organize them by saving your yogurt or ice cream cups! After you have cleaned them out, pop one cable into each cup. Not only will it keep all your knick-knacks and cables tangle-free, you can reach for it easily at one glance too.

Super Single Bed Frames

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King Size Bed Frames

Hadyn Teak Bed Frame Rattan King


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#6. Cable Organizer Clips

These binder paper clips are perfect for separating your phone cable, laptop cable, power bank cable and more! Best part is: you can use it anywhere, not just for your desk as long as the width of the table does not exceed the width of the binder paper clips. 

Now you can easily reach for the cables you often use and put them back neatly without creating a ball of mess.

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#7. Toilet Roll Pencil Holder

Why throw away toilet roll holders when they can be used to create such beautiful pencil holders? Start collecting your toilet rolls for this easy and beautiful DIY project! 

After you have collected enough toilet rolls, make sure to peel off any remaining tissue papers on it. Select art papers of your choice, and glue them around the toilet rolls. Lastly, use a plastic disposable plate or any lids from milo tin cans, or milk powder tins as a base. Remember to paint them with spray paint or acrylic paint and you’re done! 

It’s also a great idea for the vanity area too as a makeup brush holder!

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