5 Eco-friendly Ways To Beat The Humid Weather In SG

Felt the weather getting hotter compared to the year before? Temperatures are rising and climate change is real! As a response to climate change, Singapore has put a few measures in place to do its part, such as raising the minimum Energy Performance Standards of household appliances. 

Instead of turning on the AC and adjusting the temperature to 16 degrees to stay cool in the heat, here are some other ways you can keep yourself cool in the weather without adding to the carbon emissions. 

#1. Eat and drink cold foods

This is probably the most commonsensical way of keeping yourself chill on the inside and out! Instead of reaching for ice-creams, you can try freezing healthier options, such as fruits (grapes are great!) and yoghurts. They will be a delicious and refreshing snack to have on a humid day.







#2. Bring in the curtains

If your house gets extremely warm in the afternoon because it’s facing the sun, time to draw the curtains! Blackout curtains will be the most effective in keeping the heat out. Did you know they can reduce at least 20% of the heat? They can protect your furniture such as your dining table if it is placed near the window. Alternatively, roll-down blackout shades work well too. One tip is to close the curtains before the sun starts shining on your house, not after!

#3. Spray bottles

Do you still remember that famous spray sports water bottle every student is carrying around in school? Give yourself some mist using that spray bottle to stay cool in the day!

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#4. Get outside

Yes, it’s time to get out of the house – but just to get to that shopping mall near your house! Enjoy the cool aircon inside while taking it as a chance to stock up groceries or the essential items you need at home. Libraries are also another good option to stay out of the heat if you love to read!

#5. Sleep with the fan on instead of the aircon

If you really can’t take the heat, switch on the aircon and maintain the degree at 25 or higher to cool the room. Another tip is to make sure your doors of your wardrobe in Singapore are closed so the rooms will be cooled faster. Once the room is cooled enough, turn off the aircon and switch on the fan! Do this before bedtime and you can play your part in saving the earth while cutting down on your electricity bill at the same time. 

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