5 Stylish And Practical Teak Desk With Drawers For Clutter-free Study Room

5 Stylish And Practical Teak Desk With Drawers For Clutter-free Study Room

From a study table in Singapore to a home office desk, a good table can last you for years to come as you transition from a student to a working adult. Not only does it need to be practical for your needs and to suit the style of your home, it has to be comfortable for you and also inspire you to focus on the task at hand! After all, how can you find the motivation to study or work if the study desk or work desk is not a pleasant place to be at? 


Cozette Teak Study Table

Making a statement with its unique design, this teak study desk features three side drawers on the right and two small drawers on the left to store your stationeries.

With five drawers in total, and an open-shelf, you can be sure to keep the surface of your desk neat, making it a perfect addition to your home office! Clutter-free space = clutter-free mind, providing a perfect workspace for you to stay focused as you work or study.


Carinne Teak Study Table

Stylish yet simple at the same time, this practical work desk is the perfect addition to your home office. Its unconventional drawers of 3 various sizes on the side provide ample storage space to store stationeries and art supplies away for easy access.

There’s also a flushed sleek drawer for putting away papers and notes.

Console Tables

Shelley Teak Console





Krish Teak Study Table

Standing on angled legs with two long drawers at each end of the table creating a symmetrical look, feel like a true boss when you work on this sturdy teak table. This work desk has a large working surface area, giving you the comfortability of working on two screen monitors for efficiency. It can also help to increase your work productivity while working from your home office!

It’s also important to have a good sitting posture especially when your work requires you to be behind the desk. Pair it with an ergonomic office chair to keep your posture right which can prevent neck and back problems!

Haydan Teak Study Table

Simple and elegant, this is the desk for all minimalist-lovers out there. It features a compartment that hides away your messy cables. If you’re trying to be a minimalist, this is also the perfect table as it only comes with two sleek drawers that’s just enough to keep your stationeries away, nothing more! Are you up for the challenge?

Dining Chairs

Barrel Teak Arm Chair




nordic design console table with wood bar stool

Dominic Teak Console

This console table is beautifully styled by @ah.tikka in the entryway with a mid-century look. While console tables are traditionally placed in the entryway or living room, you can also turn them into a study table. 

Console tables are narrow, making them the perfect table for study or work if you have a narrow space. They also usually come with two drawers that have plenty of storage space to keep your working area neat and tidy.  

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