5 Scandinavian And Minimalist Vanity Table For Small Bedrooms In Singapore

Having a vanity table in the bedroom can speed up your morning routine by holding all your skincare and cosmetics in one place! Reach for your items easily for grooming and you can get ready in a jiffy to be on time for work! However, most bedrooms in Singapore HDB flats, BTO or condos do not have the luxury of space to dedicate an area for a dressing table. 

With the limited space Singapore housings usually have in mind, here are five small teak dressing table sets that is ideal for bedrooms in Singapore! They do not take up much space and some can even double-up as a desk for study or work. Now, you can complete that minimalist or Scandinavian look for your bedroom without struggling for space! Check out these 4 other minimalist and Scandinavian vanity tables in Singapore

Aeriana Teak Dressing Console


Lift up the table top to reveal a hidden mirror and small compartments underneath! The small hidden compartments are the perfect storage solution for your lipsticks, skincare kits and more. It also help to keep your products dust-free. Flip down the table top and you have a clear table top for work or study. It also comes with large drawer on the right to store other beauty essentials. 


Dressing Tables

Samora Teak Vanity Table



Bedside Tables & Storage

Helana Uno Teak Dressor Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Helana Duo Teak Dressor Table




Leo Teak Dressing Set


Simple with rounded corners, this Scandinavian dressing set completes your Scandinavian bedroom theme. Its beautiful angled pencil legs also gives it a mid-century touch to the piece. It smooth table top allows you to use it as a work desk too. If you have a small and dark bedroom, this will be the perfect piece to brighten up your space with its large mirror! 

Jayden Teak Dressing Table


With multiple small drawers, its the perfect vanity table to store your skincare and cosmetic products and skip makeup organizers that takes up space on the tabletop. With a unique look, it will make a statement in your bedroom! 

Single Bed Frames

Ileene Teak Bed Frame Single




vanity dressing table sg

Christabel Teak Modular Dressing Table


Thsis modular dressing table gives you the flexibility of placing the drawers on the left or on the right side. Its table top lifts up to reveal a hidden mirror and small compartments that helps to protect your beauty essentials from dust when not in use! The multiple drawers increase your storage space and keep your bedroom clutter-free for that minimalist aesthetic. 

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