5 Tips On Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture In Singapore

5 Tips On Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture In Singapore

Everyone wants a bang for the buck – something that will endure the weather be it rain or shine. With high humidity throughout the year, there might be a high chance that your patio set or your bench in Singapore will get rained on so you definitely want to opt for something that is more durable so that it can withstand the harsh elements and does not need constant replacement. 

So what furniture is best for outdoor use? 

The answer is: Teak wood. But isn’t wood furniture hard to maintain? With constant rain in Singapore, wood furniture does not look ideal for an outdoor setting. However, that’s not the case for Teak wood. 

Teak wood originated from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia. Majority of the teak wood found in Singapore are actually sourced from Indonesia. As teak became popular in furniture-making, deforestation is a serious issue. Did you know, a teak wood actually takes 80 years to fully mature? To ensure the sustainability of teak wood, Indonesia’s regulation limits the number of trees that are allowed to be felled each year. In its place, a new tree is grown. 


Dining Tables

Stormy Teak Dining Set






So, why is teak so valuable? 

Belonging to one of the rainforest tree species, teak wood is extremely good at withstanding rain. Teak wood is rich in oil, giving it its water-resistant property. It is less prone to warping or cracking too. Because of its durability, teak wood is also largely used in the construction of ships as early as the 5th Century. That’s how lasting a teak wood is! Pick a teak wood furniture and it will just last you a lifetime! 

Other than it’s known property for being resistant to water, it is also resistant to termite infestation. You don’t have to worry about issues such as rotting which most wood will commonly face. 

Besides, teak wood is also known for their beauty. It can be used to provide a very warm colour (after being oiled), creating an inviting and cosy space for indoor use. Leaving it outdoor can result in an elegant silver-ash colour. However, if you prefer to retain the warm, golden colour of the teak wood, oil it every two to three months and that will do the trick! It’s grain also runs straight. Some might be wavy, depending on the species of the teak wood used. 

Teak is undeniably one of the more expensive options on the market. However, it is easily repairable. Any dents, scratches or marks can be easily removed. Are the legs broken or do you start seeing some cracks in the furniture? These can be easily fixed! 


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Marion Teak Dining Bench


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Dining Benches

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Now that you have an idea of what material to choose for your outdoor furniture in Singapore, here are some tips for outdoor furniture buying. 

1. Define the function of your space

Is it to host a large gathering or celebration? Or does it serve more as a place to read and chill over a cup of coffee? 

2. Place of the furniture

Will the outdoor furniture be placed on tiles or grass? Though teak is durable and resistant to molding, allowing wood pieces to sit directly on grass will increase the likelihood of the legs rotting due to the moisture in the grass. It is also important that your outdoor space is sheltered or covered so that it can give another protection against the harsh weather element to ensure the longevity of your outdoor furniture. 

3. Storage space

Having the extra space to keep your outdoor furniture sheltered when not in use will certainly extend the life of your furniture. If there isn’t much space to store your outdoor furniture away, you might want to consider foldable teak chair and tables.  

4. Easy care

To save time on maintaining your furniture outside, opt for those which you can wipe and clean easily. For cushions, you can purchase waterproof pillow cover to protect them from any spills or stains.

5. Colour choice

Wood doesn’t match the theme you’re going for? If you wish to change its colour, enquire the furniture company if they offer the service of painting a coat of your desired colour over it! If not, time to roll up your sleeves and start painting! 


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