5 Posh And Elegant Marble Furniture Pieces For Every Luxurious Home Designs

5 Posh And Elegant Marble Furniture Pieces For Every Luxurious Home Designs

Just like the unique wood grains of teak furniture, the marbling of each marble top is also one-of-its-kind and that’s what makes these two materials so attractive. Marble on its own can bring an air of elegance, but coupled with teak furniture, it’s able to introduce both elegance and warmth to the space! Introducing one of our latest dining table in Singapore – marble top with teak wood legs! Marble tops are available in 3 different colours and the length of the dining table is customisable.

Check out these 5 other stunning marble furniture pieces!


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Green Marble Console Table 

Add a touch of Greek style to your home interior with this lovely marble console piece for your entry hall in Singapore. Its three round columns perfectly displayed its beautiful marbling patterns. 

cross leg design dining furniture singapore

Reid Teak White Marble Table

It comes in various marble colours and lengths to suit and complement the interior of any homes! Complete the set with teak dining chairs and benches for your dining area. 





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White Dining Marble Table 

This white marble dining table pops with its brown veins running across the piece! Pair it with some gold home decors such as flower vase for the luxurious dining area. 

Round Kopitiam Marble Coffee Table

Sitting on sturdy teak wooden legs with intricate carvings and vintage design, this marble dining table takes on a retro look that looks like the coffee table used in Singapore back in the 1980s. Pair it with wooden stools to complete the vintage look while adding a touch of Singaporean design! 




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Large Round Dining Table

Have a large family? Seat up to 8 pax with this beautiful white round dining table! Add a crystal chandelier above for a touch of opulence.

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