5 Bad Eating Habits You Didn’t Know You’re Doing Right Now

‘Don’t skip your breakfast ah, it’s bad for your health.’ 

We’ve probably heard this hundreds of times – especially from our parents or from other elderly. But we have probably done it ourselves, or seen friends around us who skipped breakfast and it doesn’t seem detrimental to their health at all, right? So, is skipping breakfast really bad for our health? And what are some other eating habits that are actually bad for us?

01. Eating in front of the TV

It applies to other things as well – phones, books, newspaper, computer etc. As long as you’re doing other stuffs while eating at the dining table in your HDB flat, it’s actually bad. However, movies and TV shows usually portray one reading the paper at the dining table while eating, so how bad can this habit actually be? 

When we are being distracted while eating, it’s harder for us to pay close attention to how much we’re eating. This will usually cause us to eat more than we actually need. 

02. Skipping your meals to save calories for an indulgent meal later

Skipping lunch cause you’re going for a calorie-high meal later? Counting calories might seem like a good idea, but starving yourself before that will cause you to overeat to compensate. Instead of skipping your meal for it, it’s better to eat what you usually will have, or have a light meal instead of skipping the meal totally. 

03. Taking a break from healthy eating on weekends

Clean and healthy eating during the weekdays, but taking a break on the weekends? I’ll admit – I’m guilty of that too! It just seems like a good way to reward yourself after eating healthily throughout the week. However, this will actually hinder any weight loss plans you have if you go on a eating spree during the weekends! Instead, choose a single meal to reward yourself, or you can reward yourself in other ways such as buying new clothes! 

04. Drinking Tea before or after meal

We usually order beverages to go along with our meal – whether it’s coffee, soda or tea. But did you know that drinking tea an hour before or after meal is bad for our digestion? Tea leaves are acidic, and can make our food harder to digest if we drank tea before a meal. If we drink tea after a meal, it can hinder our iron absorption. However, different tea leaves have different properties. if you wish to drink tea together with your meal, you can opt for green tea or ginger tea as they are known to aid in digestion! 

05. Skipping breakfast

Yes, skipping breakfast is bad for us – our parents’ concern is not unfounded! While it isn’t fully proven by research that skipping breakfast is bad, we will tend to overeat for lunch in the afternoon. Without food, our metabolism will slow start slowing down. If you don’t feel like eating in the morning, it’s okay to have your breakfast at a later timing, but not skipping it.

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