Struggling with Space? 10 Space-Saver Furniture You Need in 2022

Concern with the limited space at home? You should be!

Occupying only 719.9 km², the Little Red Dot is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. With the ever-rising population, newer estates are getting smaller. Compare a four-room flat built 30 years ago to one that is built in the recent years, the size of newer HDB flats is shrinking!

With an increasing convenience to purchase anything anywhere off the internet, there is a seriously lack of space at home. I mean, where do you find space for new shopping items? You got to make room for the new items, right? 

Fret not and check out these few items that will help you maximize your tiny home! 

industrial storage coffee table

1. Coffee table/trunk

Ever wish you had a trunk where you can store all your precious items as a kid? Now you can!

This coffee table is both functional and stylish. It serves as a coffee table while offering a spacious storage unit. Use it to store your magazines, newspaper, and other knick-knacks. Designs of this Loft Suitcase Coffee Table are customizable here

2. Under Shelf Storage

No more storage space in your kitchen cabinet or shelves? Mugs and cups are hard to stack and takes a lot of space. Remove them and install these racks to hang your cups instead.

This way, you leave more space for bowls and plates which are easy to stack up, freeing up more space for other kitchen utensils. 



Ready Stock




book rack singapore

3. Shelf partition

One problem with small spaces is that there never seem to be enough space for anything. Do not let physical space limit your creativity! Start thinking about how you can separate areas and maximize its use!

For example, separate the dining area from the living room. Use display shelves instead of folding screens to act as a partition that can at the same time provide storage spaces. Check out this Cheryl Teak Display Shelf and see how you can customize to make it your very own unique piece!

4. Computer stand

Size of the study table does not limit your space! Add a computer stand to have additional space underneath for storing your keyboard, stationery or other knick-knacks. Besides maximizing the space on your desk, it also keeps your desk free of clutters. Install shelves above the desk as well to have more storage space instead of adding a chest of drawers beside your desk.

solid wood floating table

5. Concealed table

If there aren’t many people living under one roof, Camden Teak Space Saving Table will work as a dining table for you. Unlatch the lock to pull down the desk.

There are even little compartments at the side to store other personal belongings. Besides a dining table, this can double up as a workstation as well. Simply keep the table away when you are done using it. As this piece is mounted on the wall, it saves lots of standing space!

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Sabrine Teak Coffee Table Rattan


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Adrey Teak Fluted Coffee Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Adryel Teak Side Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Mesha Teak Roots Coffee Table Round


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Mesha Teak Roots Coffee Table Square


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Stanford Teak Round Coffee Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Donatello Teak Side Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Fiora Teak Side Table Rattan


loft bed singapore

6. Loft bed

If your bedroom is small, this is the perfect piece of furniture to have! Imagine having both a sleeping area and a study area but occupying only a space of one.

Have a good night of sleep on the Darina Teak Loft Bed, and browse the internet or study on the desk below. This also helps to add more walking space in the room.

Metal Storage stool

7. Storage stools

Always feeling troubled about finding space to store away small stools or chairs that are needed whenever you have friends over? Purchase these stools and you won’t have to hide them away! When these are not in use, put them in a corner and they can double up as a display piece, adding that industrial feel to your home. 

Open up the wooden lid for hidden storage space where you can keep your cushions or board games to entertain your guests!

8. Shelves for bookcase

Are you a book lover? Love to have a bookcase full of your favorite reads? Instead of getting a bookcase, get these wall mounted shelves instead!

It’s a great way to make the room more spacious, and with these tiny units of shelves, you can mount it anywhere on the wall as long as there is space! Install these shelves above your desk area or reading corner without using any standing space.

9. Hang your bicycle!

That’s right, hang it up! With limited space, try to utilize your walls – hang anything from a bicycle to fencing swords etc. This way, not only does it help you to save floor space, it can also act as a display piece, adding a focal point to your home. Instead of finding your bicycle an eyesore, now it’s pleasing to the eyes!

10. Fill in the gaps!

Gaps between your bed and the wall? Get a bedside table or chest of drawers for added storage space! You can also get slim drawers with casters for narrow gaps. The slim drawers usually come with casters so it is easy to pull out and reach for your items.

Once you’re done, push it back to keep it away. It also makes the space more aesthetically pleasing with those gaps gone!

Try to utilize as much space as you can! Look into all the nook and crannies of your house or rearrange your furniture and you will be surprised by just how much more room your house has!

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