4 Sturdy And Durable Poster Bed Frames In Singapore For Your Bedroom

These four poster bedframes in Singapore which will definitely add a focal point to your bedroom. Crafted out of solid teak wood, they are durable pieces that will last through the test of times. Check out these 4 other poster bedframes to create the Bali-getaway resort vibes! 

customized bed frame

Bessie Teak Poster Floating Bed Frame

Look closely! Did you notice that the platform which the mattress rest on is actually not attached to the four posters? This was designed intentionally to create a floating illusion! Paying minor attention to details while choosing bedframes in Singapore will help you to choose one that complements your bedroom! 

Queen Size Bed Frames

Marlee Teak Poster Bed Frame Queen





King Size Bed Frames

Hansen Teak Four Poster Bed King


poster bed sg

Hansen Teak Four Poster Bed Frame

Decked out in white, drape a canopy over this beautiful four poster bed frame for a romantic and cosy night of sleep. While many homeowners might shun away from choosing white pieces of furniture as dirt shows up easily, having white furniture can help to lessen visual clutter in the room, making your bedroom look more spacious! 

solid wood Poster Bed frame in queen and king

Gabrielle Teak Poster Bed Frame

With its organic and natural wood grains, this poster bed frame will add a rustic charm to your bedroom. Its solid teak wood headboard allows you to lean on comfortably while you catch up on some work or news at the end of the day. 

Queen Size Bed Frames

Hudsen Teak Bed Frame Queen


Queen Size Bed Frames

Vienne Teak Bed Frame Queen



Queen Size Bed Frames

Tiffanie Teak Bed Frame Queen



4 poster bed canopy frame sg

Marlee Teak Poster Bed Frame

The tapered posters of the bedframe adds a mid-century touch to the bedframe. Its beautiful dark wood stain elevates the elegance of the whole piece. Pair it with matching side tables for a complete look.

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