5 Gorgeous And Durable Bed Frame In Singapore For Every Homes

Moving into your new BTO soon? One of the most exciting parts of this journey is getting to choose your own home furnishings to create that comfy abode you can return to at the end of each tiring day. 

The bedroom is one area where the majority of homeowners place a lot of attention on for a good night’s sleep. Getting a solid wooden bed frame is a good investment to make as not only is it durable, it will last you for centuries to come. Besides, it is easy to clean wood furniture and maintain to keep it looking new and clean. With tons of designs available on the market, whether you are looking for something that is minimalist, Scandinavian, contemporary or even classic, there’s something for everyone. 

However, many beds on the market in Singapore can look standard and common. If you have a special design in mind and wish to add a special touch to your bedroom, get your bed customized! You can also check out Wihardja for a wide range of teak wood bedframes as well as mattresses for your bed. 

solid wood bed frame Singapore

Harrison Teak 

With its slatted headboard, this bed frame lends a classic look to your bedroom. Add a plush and comfy mattress for a night of good sleep. Choose from a single bed size, super single bed size, queen size bed to king size bed. 


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Hudson Teak Oval Coffee Table


King Size Bed Frames

Harrison Teak Bed Frame King




modern floating bed frame

Wynnie Floating Bed

Simple and minimalist, this is the ideal bedframe for all the minimalist lovers out there. Its clean silhouette makes it easy to blend into any home interiors. Doing away with a headboard, it reduced the thickness of having a headboard, making it suitable for all small homes. 

floating bed frame sg

Cambrea Teak Floating Bed Frame

With its headboard crafted from teak wood, this bed frame in Singapore will give you a firm and good back support as you lean back and do some light reading before bedtime. 

Solid Wood Bed Frame with headboard upholstered

Hudson Teak Bed 

Designed with a cushion headboard, this teak bed frame offers comfort as you lean back to enjoy your favourite Netflix show on the ipad. Add a pillow behind for better back support!

Queen Size Bed Frames

Beionta Teak Bed Frame Queen



Queen Size Bed Frames

Sabree Teak Bed Frame Queen



customized bed frame

Bessie Teak Floating Poster Bed Frame

Add this grand and elegant poster bed frame to your bedroom to add a focal point! Drape a canopy over it to enjoy a more intimate and cosy night of sleep! Pair it with a matching teak bedside table so you can grab your phone within an arm’s reach. 

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