Best Bar Counter Stools In Singapore For A Relaxing Time

Bar counters are one of the highly popular designs that can be seen in most HDB homes back in the 2000s. Even today, it’s a popular trend amongst many homeowners as a bar counter offers a different experience for everyone to sit and chill over a glass of beer, whether you are reminiscing about the good old days or just chatting just about anything under the sun.

Looking for an industrial-style bar chair? Or a minimalist bar chair? No matter what designs you are looking for, Wihardja has a good range of bar chairs for you to choose from.

James Kopitiam Teak Bar Chair Colored

A bar stool with a local twist, this bar stool is inspired by kopitiam chair commonly seen in Singapore’s coffee shops back in the ’80s and ’90s. This piece will definitely add an element of fun and a touch of retro to your space!

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Bar Tables, Chairs & Stools

Melyssa Teak Bar Stool Rattan


Bar Tables, Chairs & Stools

Galina Teak High Table


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Bar Tables, Chairs & Stools

Walton Teak Bar Stool Rattan


Bar Tables, Chairs & Stools

Clementina Teak Bar Stool Rattan


Bar Tables, Chairs & Stools

James Kopitiam Teak Bar Chair Colored


Bar Tables, Chairs & Stools

James Kopitiam Teak Bar Chair


cushion seat bar chair

Kadeem Industrial Bar Stool 

Lend an industrial touch to your bar top table with this bar stool. Featuring thin black metal frame for legs, it complete that industrial look you are going for! It comes with a cushioned seat to provide comfort for you and your guests to chat the night away. The cushion is available in other colors!

solid wood dining room furniture

Maxwell Teak Bar Stool

With a high slatted back, this bar stool provide the back support you need. Lean back and relax in this bar stool over a glass of wine. No more slouching or straining to keep your back upright while you catch up with your friends!

Scandinavian Bar Chair

Farren Teak Bar Stool

Whether your bar counter is a Scandinavian or a minimalist look, this bar stool will fit right in! Unwind with your friends over the weekend on this bar stool or get some work done on your laptop as you sip a cup of coffee. 


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Stormy Teak Dining Set






Ray Teak Bar Stool

Round classic bar stool, it is versatile and easy to match with any bar counters. Choose from four different wood stains! For those who are not so blessed in heights especially since most of us in Singapore, or asians in general are petite.  no worries! This chair comes with horizontal poles at two different heights so that everyone can rest their legs comfortably on this bar stool! 

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