5 Bar Counter Alternatives In Singapore For Your Home

outdoor teak bar counter with compartments

5 Bar Counters Alternatives In Singapore For Your Home

An addition of a bar counter can add some class and style to your home. Unwind after a tiring week with your favourite cup of cognac in hand, or host your guests and have a relaxing time over the weekends. Traditional bar counters usually take up quite a bit of space, which makes it hard to incorporate into the public housing in Singapore. 

While bar counters are seldom seen in Singapore HDBs given the limited space, nothing is impossible with some creativity. This Grayson Teak Bar Counter is foldable, and comes with compartments to store wine, glasses and bar accessories. Check out how these 5 homeowners successfully designate an area at home with bar counters alternatives!

#1. Built-In Bar Counter

Make a statement with suar wood slabs! Its natural wood grains will make your piece one-of-a-kind. For this home, the homeowner chose a 1.2m suar wood top, carved out to fit the corner of the wall. It’s supported by black metal ladder industrial legs. Soft warm pendant lights hang over the counter top, highlighting the beautiful yellow and brown sap of the piece.

#2. Foldable Teak Bar Counter

Place a foldable teak bar counter in the living room without obstructing the walkway. It comes with many compartments dedicated to store your bar accessories, wine glasses and more. Pair it with a few wooden bar stools to complete the rustic look! It’s also foldable, making it easy to tuck it away in a corner to make space for other activities when needed.

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#3. Kitchen Island/Bar Counter

Instead of demarcating another area for a bar counter, how about turning your kitchen into a space that serves dual purposes? This kitchen island doubles up as a bar counter, as well as a dining area! Its the perfect solution for small homes.

Besides, taking down the kitchen walls also opens up the space, making the area look brighter and much more spacious. A black metal rack hangs above the bar counter, where homeowners can store bottles of wine and reach for it quickly!

solid wood bar table top for outdoor

#4. Bar Table/Partition

Placement of the bar counter alternatives is also important as well. This homeowner placed a sleek and narrow marble top bar table near the fridge so that they can easily access the wines and other alcoholic beverages! 

Other than a bar counter, it’s also the perfect spot for a quick breakfast in the morning before rushing off to work or school. It also cleverly acts as a partition which separates the kitchen from the rest of the house.

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#5. Round Wooden Bar Table

If you have some space to spare. place a round bar table that takes up less footprint compared to a square bar table with the same seating capacity. A round bar table also makes a conversation much more intimate – whether its over a game of truth or dare or just catching up with old friends.

With these 5 alternatives to a traditional bar counter and some tips, create your very own bar at home!

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