Singaporean Items You Have Probably Seen In Your Grandmother’s Home

Back to the days when gem biscuits were a favourite snack among kids in Singapore. Does it bring back some childhood memories for you? Now you can have a piece of your childhood with this adorable gem biscuit cushion in your living room or bedroom!  

Rooster Plates And Bowl 

Still remember eating out of plates and bowls with rooster prints? They are a common sight on the dining tables in almost all of the households in Singapore! 


Rooster Enamel Mug



Rooster Spoon



Rooster Bowls



Rooster Saucer



Rooster Plate



Rooster Teaware


Green Vinyl Dining Chair 

These green marble vinyl dining chairs are made with wooden planks and a metal frame that comes with a matching dining table. 

Peranakan style metal layer food containers online

Traditional Tingkats

Before plastic containers came into the scene, these metal tingkats were used to pack homecooked meals. Packing homecooked meals was a much cheaper option as compared to buying outside food too! 


Colourful Tingkats




Tear-away Calendar

Calendars are hardly used nowadays mainly with technology such as smartphones that can tell us the date anywhere. But back in the past, all the household would have this calendar hung on the wall to keep track of the current date. 

Rotary dial phone

These landlines phones are becoming obsolete in today’s homes, but it was the main and only tool of communication back in the ’80s and ’90s! Do you still remember waiting by the phone for your friend’s call? 

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