5 Simple Tricks To Avoid Morning Rush

Always rushing around the house in the morning to get to work on time as well as getting your kids to school on time? From waking your kids up in the morning, getting them dressed and have them finish their breakfast so they can reach the school in the wee hours so that they are in time for assembly, it’s definitely harder than getting them to recite the Singapore’s pledge.

Have you tried waking up slightly earlier to get ready but still failed? Rather than being under pressure every morning, start your day on a positive note by following these 5 simple tricks to avoid rushing. 

1. Prep Outfits The Night Before.

Instead of rummaging through the closet in the morning to look for what to wear, prep your outfit the night before. This is especially useful for your kids too! Get your kids to pick out their own outfit for childcare and lay them nicely in a pile. This will get them excited about wearing the clothes they chose themselves and it saves time and avoid tantrums in the morning when they can’t find their favourite shirt they wish to wear for the day. 



2. Make It A Game

Prepare your family’s breakfast the night before. This is not just about having in mind what to have for breakfast, but also preparing whatever you could the night before so that it speeds up the preparation time. For example, if you always have a smoothie in the morning, slice up the fruits and store them so that you can save the time needed to prepare the fruits. 

3. Time Yourself 

From brushing your teeth, showering to getting dressed, give yourself a time limit and try to complete it within the time limit. It makes completing the task more efficient and you will realize you have additional time, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast before you head out of the house. This can apply to your kids as well. For example, if they can get dress by themselves within the time you set for them, you can reward them with an extra 15 minutes of TV time at the end of the day. 

4. Get 7-8 Hours Of Sleep 

You can prepare everything but if you wake up feeling groggy and sleepy, your morning will not be off to a positive start. Did you know that sleep is important for your cells in your body to renew, keeping you healthy? It’s the much needed time for your body to take a break after a long and hectic day at work. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep so that you will wake up feeling refreshed and energized to start the day. 


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5. Get Yourself Ready Before The Kids

Try to get yourself ready by the time you need to wake up the kids so that you have more time to help the kids get ready. Even if there are still things you have to prepare. don’t stress yourself out. Getting your kids to get ready by themselves allow them to be more independent as well! 

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