Sanitize Your Home In 5 Steps To Protect Your Kids And Family

As we step out of the house daily, we are unconsciously touching and interacting with a lot of objects. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the public has become more conscious with their personal hygiene, such as making sure to wash their hands before eating or touching at parts of the face. 

Kids are also being taught at school how to wash their hands the proper way with soap. However, at their age, it’s natural that kids are generally very curious about the world around them and it’s inevitable that they will touch any objects that piqued their interest.

To protect your kids and your family from the virus, it is essential that you clean and sanitize your home to kill any virus that may remain on the surface of the objects your kids brought home or on the plastic bag that your brought home as this might transfer to your children’s bunk bed in Singapore.

Not only can regular cleaning and sanitizing of your home kill the virus, but it can also keep your family safe and healthy by eliminating other germs and bacteria that make us sick. 

Here are some steps you can take to sanitize your home and minimize the transmission of COVID-19. 


1. Prepare Your Cleaning Tools

Check if you have cleaning products that can help to sanitize and disinfect your home by looking at the chemicals listed on the labels of your products. They should contain chemicals listed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) which can be found on their website. 

2. Keep the windows open

Make sure your home is well ventilated at all times. If you have to have the air conditioner on, you can leave the bedroom windows open when you are out of the house. Alternatively, get a good air purifier and some plants to keep your home fresh and clean. 

3. Cleaning the surfaces

Before you start cleaning any surfaces, make sure you are wearing disposable gloves and a surgical mask. You should not touch your face or eyes too during the entire cleaning process. Wipe down your dining table in Singapore in one direction so that you do not double-wipe the surface again. 







4. After cleaning

Once you are done, throw your mask and disposable gloves into a double-lined trash bag and dispose them as soon as possible. For the cloths or rags used for wiping the surfaces, dispose them into the same trash bags as well. If you are reusing the cloths, soak them in disinfectant solution and wash them.     

5. Wash up and you’re done!

Take a shower immediately after you are done and change out of your clothes.

Other than sanitizing your home, you should also sanitize items that you carry around frequently, such as your handphone and car keys. Your mobile phone is one of the object that carries germs and bacteria easily having been in many places over the day. Wipe and disinfect your mobile phone after you are home from work daily. Make this a habit even when COVID-19 is over for hygiene purposes! Your kids toys should be disinfected regularly too.

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