3 Sofa and Armchair Layouts for Small Living Room

Most of the layout for sofa and armchair we’ve seen in movies do not work in the Singapore’s context as the space for living rooms in HDB and BTO are pretty small – we simply do not have the luxury space!

Usually the standard layout we see in most Singapore houses is just a sofa, coffee table and TV that is centered. Change things up or create more seating space for your guests when they come over by checking out below these 3 layout of sofas and armchairs can work in a small living room! 


Sophee Arm Chair





1. Armchairs on each side of the sofa

If you have the luxury of space, place armchairs at either side of the sofa and tilt them to face the TV to create a space for your guests to chill and watch a movie together! Armchairs in Singapore comes in lots of various sizes, so go for sleek designs so that they do not seem too bulky or takes up too much space in your living room. 

2. Armchairs on one side of the living room

If you have space constraint, place the armchairs on one side of the living room, preferably against the wall so that getting around is easy. This creates more walking space in the living room. Most wall TVs can be mounted on the wall so skip buying TV consoles in Singapore if space is really tight!  

3. Armchairs tilting away from TV

To create a more unique look to the living room, try facing the armchair slightly away from the TV. It might sound weird, but it certainly does create a visual appeal! It also sets the living room up for conversation as you and your guests are facing each other. 


Other than trying out these three different living room layouts with armchairs, you can also add a large carpet or a rug in your living room to help section it away from the rest of your house. 

Coffee tables can also change the look of your living room. Given the space constraint most of us face, a side table is a good alternative to consider if you want a surface to place your cup of coffee or plates of fruits. Side tables can be easily tucked away at the sides of the sofa, making maneuvering around the living room a breeze! 




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