Fast and Easy Tips for Cleaning Light Colored Sofas

Love how light coloured sofas and couches are able to brighten up your space? But are you also worried about how quick and easy it will get stained? It is true – dirt and marks from usage over time does show up on lighter sofa more easily whereas a dark-colored sofa seems to be unaffected.

However, maintaining a clean and fresh light coloured sofa in Singapore is not as daunting as it seems! Know the right way to clean your sofa and stains and dirt will be removed easily. It is also important to give your sofa a spring clean periodically instead of waiting till Chinese New Year or other festive days and doing it only once a year. 

Continue reading below and take these 3 easy steps to clean your sofa! 

Brush the entire sofa to loosen any dirts in nooks and crannies

source: Popsugar

01. Brush the entire sofa with a stiff brush

This helps to loosen up and remove any dirt that might have settled into the nooks and crannies of your sofa. If you do not have a stiff brush, you could also use a piece of white cloth for this step.  Do not use any coloured ones as its colour might transfer onto your sofa – and you definitely do not want another stain to deal with.

If you have any substance that got onto your sofa such as mud from your dog’s paws after a walk, you can allow it to dry first before removing it. It will come off a lot easier! If you want to remove it before it dries, before not to rub it which will cause the surface of the stained area larger. Instead, use a dabbing motion. 



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Baking powder removes odours and stains

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02. Sprinkle some fairy dust aka. baking powder

Baking soda can help to eliminate any odours your sofa might have. Be generous with the baking soda! Let the baking soda sit on your sofa for an hour before using a vacuum to clean it all up. After vacuuming, check to see if there are any stains left on the sofa. If there are any stains left, proceed to the next step. 

Apply mixture to the spots and leave it for an hour

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03. Mix vinegar with baking soda for spot cleaning

If you are working with a dark coloured sofa, do a spot test on the underside of the sofa to check if the mixture will cause any discolouration. If it doesn’t, you can proceed! Mix some vinegar with baking soda  and leave the mixture on for around 3-4hours to dry. After the mixture has dried up, vacuum it away. If there are still some stains left, repeat this step until it is fully removed. 

P.S. This solution is a good stain remover that it works for your coffee table in Singapore too! 







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