Stretch Your Purchase Into Easy Payments With This Instalment Plan At Wihardja

When purchasing furniture for your new home, one good tip is to buy most of your furniture from the same furniture store. Not only does this help to envision your furniture in your home better, but it can also help you to save a significant amount of money you would otherwise need to spend on the delivery fee if you purchase items from various furniture stores.

However, a bed with a good mattress alone can cost up to over a thousand dollars. Along with the rest of the furniture, your bill can easily chalk up to $3k and more for your house! This can be a huge amount to fork out at one go. 

This can help you to furnish your home and allow you to enjoy your new home without having to break the bank. Paying via instalment can help to make a big purchase manageable, allowing those with limited resources to buy more products that are essential within a short time. 

At Wihardja, we believe that purchasing any furniture is an important and long-term investment. Home is where we spend most of our time after work, the sanctuary we come back to relax and rest after a hard day at work. 



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It is important that the furniture we choose improves our quality of life. To make owning quality furniture affordable to all, Wihardja is giving the option to customers to stretch their purchase into easy payments. Here are two available instalment plans: In-house instalment payment plan and non-in-house instalment plan.

In-House Instalment Plan

For our in-house instalment plan, it is available for DBS customers that make a minimum purchase of $500. Customers can pay for their purchase of furniture over a period of 6 months or 12 months using their DBS/POSB credit card. This is also a zero-interest instalment plan so customers do not have to worry about paying more than the total amount of their purchase, alleviating their financial burden!

Scandinavian tv cabinet living room

For example, when you purchase a teak wood TV console for $549, you can opt to pay in instalments over 6 months, which is essentially paying $91.50 per month. Or you can also choose to pay in instalments of over 12 months, paying only $45.75 per month! 

Paying in instalments allow you to furnish your house in one-go without creating a large hole in your wallet! 

Do note that this instalment plan is only available for purchase that is made at our showrooms! Check out our showroom locations in Singapore here and we hope to see you soon. 

Non-In-House Instalment Plan

For non-in-house instalment plan, customers can consider applying for instalment plans either from OCBC or DBS directly online for their purchases. This option is suitable for all customers who are making payment on our online store. Do note that these two banks also require a minimum purchase of $500 for their instalment plan. These are not instalment plans offered by Wihardja, so customers have to apply for it from their preferred banks directly. 

Both OCBC Paylite and DBS My Preferred Payment Plan offer instalments plans up to 24 months which are instalment-free as well! Check out their website to find out more details. 

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