Dining Benches vs Dining Chairs – Which One To Choose?

Dining benches in Singapore is nothing new – they’ve been in the market for as long as dining chairs have! Traditionally, homeowners would opt for dining chairs over dining benches. However, recently we’re seeing more customers opting for wooden dining bench in Singapore instead of dining chairs to complete their dining set. 

If you’ve never considered having a dining bench, here are some reasons why you should start considering dining benches today! 

01. More seating capacity

For chairs, the seating capacity is fixed by the number of chairs you have at the dining table. If your family is small, dining chairs will be a great option. However, if you have a large family or frequent guests dining over at your place, dining benches will be a better option to increase seating capacity. 



02. Takes lesser standing space

This is probably my favourite reason for getting a dining bench instead of dining chairs – you can stow the dining bench away underneath the dining table when it’s not in use! This is a pretty neat idea, especially if your walkway near your dining table is tight. 

Considering how new public housings in Singapore are getting increasingly smaller over the years, have a dining bench where you could just keep underneath helps to increase the floor space and make your dining area look spacious too.

Tip: For homeowners purchasing dining benches separately from the dining table, do make sure to check for clearance underneath the table. Look at the design of the dining table legs and take note of those dining tables with table legs centred in the middle of the table.

03. Suitable for those with a tight budget

Compare the price of a single chair to the price of a bench – you’ll find that the dining bench is much more worthwhile as you can seat more people at a lower cost! A typical dining bench can seat 2-3 pax (depending on the length of the dining bench) whereas you’ll need to buy as many chairs to seat the same number of people at the table.




04. Structure

Another thing to note is that most dining benches on the market are often without any backrest. If you have seniors living in the house, you might want to take this into consideration. One solution around this is to have at least one side of the table placed against the wall so that it provides support for the back. 

Alternatively, customize a dining bench with a backrest at Wihardja. Take a look at the wide range of dining bench options available and enquire with us to do any customization!

So, are you team ‘dining bench’ or team ‘dining chair’? Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong here but it really depends on the needs of the space as well as the homeowners’ comfortability. 

If you’re undecided between the two, why not have both? Pair your dining table with a dining bench on one side and pick out dining chairs for the other end. Place your dining bench against the wall and push your table against the so that the dining bench is stowed away underneath the table. Pull it out when you have guests over to increase seating capacity! Get inspired by these dining bench style ideas for your next purchase!

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