Achieve Farmhouse Look with Whitewashed Rustic Furniture

whiewashed dining table and bench for rustic dining area

Doesn’t the colour of this teak dining set look different from our usual teak wood dining table? So, have you guessed it correctly? It might look like it is the raw finish of the wood, but this is actually achieved through a technique called whitewash!

The natural wood colour of teak wood is in point of fact, warm and golden, making it a popular choice amongst homeowners. In our showroom, we offer four different wood stains for customers to blend the products they purchased into the current style of their home. If left in its raw state, it will age to a silver-grey colour which is beautiful in itself as well.  

While the natural wood colour is beautiful, it might not fit into every home interior. For homeowners looking for something lighter without the yellow, orange hues, whitewash furniture is the cheaper alternative to achieve a natural, white rustic look on wood. 

Why whitewash instead of white paint? Well, it really depends on what you want to achieve for your space! Using white paint over wood furniture can achieve a clean, elegant look. Whitewash on the other hand uses diluted white paint, which allows some natural wood grains to show under the paint. Whitewash are the ideal solution for those who love a rustic look – farmhouse style or Scandinavian. 

If you would love to have this finish on other products, approach our friendly staffs in the showroom to inform them and it can be done upon your request! Come visit our showrooms now to view our other products and the various options we offer for wood tones! 



Dining Tables

Amelia Dining Table


Alternatively, you can do it yourself too! If you have any old wooden furniture in need of a new look, you can try the whitewash technique as well! It’s really as easy as 1-2-3! 

    1. First, get a bucket of paint. Dilute the paint so that it reaches a heavy cream consistency. Try testing out your paint on any unwanted wood or on surfaces that’s hidden such as underneath the chair. Add water according to your preference. 
    2. You can do this with a brush or an unwanted rag. Rag would achieve a more even paint compared to brushes which might leave brush strokes behind. Dip it into the diluted white paint and start wiping it on the surface. 
    3. After the first layer has dried, paint the second layer and repeat to achieve the look you want. Remember to allow layers to dry before the next layer. 
    4. Finish it with a wood coating of your choice or leave it as it is! 

Now ain’t that easy! There are also other ways to achieve the whitewash look, but this is our preferred method (and the easiest one to correct if there’s any problem!).

And of course, at Wihardja, we always coat our furniture with a finishing coat to protect them. Spot any furniture you would love to have this finish on the furniture? Approach any of our staffs to enquire today! 

Dining Tables

Jade Teak Dining Table





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