7 Interior Design Inspirations With Chesterfield Sofas

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Chesterfield sofas rose to popularity in the 18th century in British. Its origin is not clear, but it was speculated that the Chesterfield sofa was commissioned by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield when he was looking for a seat that allows him to sit upright but comfortable at the same time. 

Regardless of its origin, this classic sofa is definitely a statement piece with its strong characteristics: tufted buttons, a sleek and sturdy frame with arms and back of similar height. They also come in a variety of fabric – velvet, PU leather as well as leather. 

Out of the various fabric to choose from, the leather chesterfield sofa is by far the most popular choice due to its low maintenance. Leather is also known to age well over time, making it worth the investment despite its pricey price tag. 

While Chesterfield sofas are known for its posh look, it can match with other interior designs as well. Check out these 7 inspirations below for more ideas on how to style your living room with a Chesterfield sofa!

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Eclectic Art Gallery

Why look at a blank wall when you can turn it into an art gallery? This living room instantly transports guests back to the Renaissance period with its classic oil paintings, such as the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Golden frames that hang above the chesterfield sofa pop out against the black wall. Cushions with contemporary print lend a modern touch to the overall style.

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Rustic, Earthly Abode

White, natural wood accents are seen throughout this home and natural material such as leather and hues of earth tones are used for that rustic vibe. The elegance of the leather chesterfield sofa is balanced with soft furnishings to maintain that warm and inviting ambience. 

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For a cosy touch, opt for sofa in Singapore with velvet upholstery! Go overboard with pillows, cushions and throws – basically anything that looks soft and fluffy! It’ll have your guests wanting to sink in on your Chesterfield sofa the moment they see it!

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White and Airy

To keep things simple and easy to style, go for an all-white theme for your living room! It can also help your living room to look much more spacious especially if you have a small living room! Place your Chesterfield sofa near a natural light source for the best effect and give your space some characteristic with small decorations!

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The Chesterfield sofa’s look may be influenced by British style largely, but it can fit right into a Bohemian interior just fine! The key is to add throws or large blankets with prints on them that match the colour of the Chesterfield sofa. The carpet is also another key item to help achieve that Bohemian vibe. Look out for carpets or rugs with intricate designs!

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Keep it glam and stylish by using gold as one of the main design element when it comes to styling your Chesterfield sofa. Mirrors, glass and marbles are great materials to make your living room look refined and polished.

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Chesterfield sofas are also great for industrial-style home designs! Select coffee tables or shelves with sleek metal black frame to give your living room an industrial-looking vibe. Leather chesterfield sofa lends a rough edge with its weathered look.

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