Tips to Cultivate Reading Habits in Your Child From Young

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Reading has its many benefits – increasing your child’s vocabulary and attention span in activities to boosting their memory. While the habit of reading comes naturally for some children, it is tough to get others started. For new and young parents, here are some ways you can help your child to develop a reading habit.


young girl buying books at the bookstore

1. Take Them Book Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping, right? Instead of shopping for toys, take them out to shop for books too! Expose your child to different book genres and let them choose a book they’re interested in. Helping your child discover which genre interest him will also keep your child excited and wanting to read more!


2. Create a Reading Corner

Designate a corner in the living room or in your child’s room for reading. Engage the help of your little ones in setting up the reading corner – shopping for a bean bag or a comfy armchair in Singapore as a reading chair for them, letting them choose the colour of bookshelves and the types of books that go onto the shelves! If your reading corner is in the bedroom, look for reading chair for bedroom! Allowing them to have a say and make small decisions can instil a sense of pride and create excitement in spending time at this little corner! 


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3. Be a Good Role Model 

It’s a common sight to see parents scrolling on their phone while also taking care of their children. However, do remember that children tend to mirror the adults around them. So be a good role model, put down your phone and pick up books or newspaper in your spare time. Hop onto your reading chair and ottoman and encourage your child to join you as well! This would help them to slowly pick up the habit of reading in their spare time.



4. Encourage Reading Everywhere, Not Only At Home

Learning does not stop the moment your child leaves the childcare centre or school. You can use the existing materials around you bring your child home from school – learning to read a shop’s name, food menus, location etc. Make it fun by turning it into a game and rewarding them by taking them out when they successfully pronounce a tough word!


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5. Make Frequent Trips To The Library

Instead of visiting the playground, visit the library instead! This can save costs on buying books which your child will outgrow in a few years’ time. Plus, borrowing library books do not take up space in your house. It also keeps your child looking forward to library visits knowing that there is a wide range of books to choose from!

That aside, there are also tons of activities at the library to engage your child, such as storytelling to a programme where children are engaged in an open-ended play!


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