Dining Room Lookbook: 5 Ways To Style Your Dining Room With Dining Benches

Traditionally, dining tables are often seen paired with dining chairs in Singapore. If you have a small corner for your dining area, opt for dining benches for your dining table in Singapore instead of dining chairs to free up more walking space. Large mirrors is also another tip interior designers and homeowners use in the dining area to create an illusion of a larger space. This is especially useful for all the homeowners in Singapore! So  

Here are four other ways to style your dining area. 

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Minimalist Dining Corner 

Go minimalist with these built-in benches for your dining corner with a dining bench that can be pulled out or kept under the dining table. 

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Beach side-inspired Dining Area

Create some variety and an interesting look by pairing your dining table with both chairs and dining benches! This homeowner also added a touch of beach-side look with a surfboard and some tropical plants! 



Dining Benches

Marion Teak Dining Bench


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Industrial-style Dining Area

With black metal legs, this dining set of dining table and dining benches adds an industrial touch to the dining area which matches the theme of the space perfectly too. 

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Rustic Dining Area

Dining benches are also a great way to just add a subtle pop of color to the dining area. 

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