Top 5 Teak Wood TV Consoles For Your Living Room

TV consoles are an essential piece in the living room, but its often overlooked as just a media storage space. While a TV console unit is definitely used to help conceal your medias and other consoles to create a neat and clutter-free look, it can also elevate the look of your living room!

Many homeowners are now leaning towards solid wood scandinavian TV consoles for its unique wood grains as well as its durability. It also lends a cosy and warm ambience to the living room with its wood accent. 

If you’re looking for some ideas for a wooden TV console in Singapore, here are 5 top picks from Wihardja! 

Solid teak wood tv console sg

Aaniya Teak TV Console 3m

With its slatted design, it hides away your items while making it easy to locate your items at the same time. Simple and minimalistic, it’s easy to blend into any interior designs. 

solid wood living room tv console singapore

Tyberius Industrial Teak TV Console 

Standing on black metal legs, this TV console lends an elegant and industrial touch to the living room. Custom made TV console in Singapore with Wihardja if you can’t find the right dimension for your space! 

Solid Wood TV Console

Carson Teak TV Console Dual Color 

With open shelves, it is perfect to store medias such as gaming consoles if you are a gamer! Add a comfy sofa or a rug and get ready to battle it out infront of the TV with your friends! 

living room furniture

Aria Teak TV Console 

Opt for a fully enclosed TV console such as this one to keep dust away from your items. Its doors also features the unique and beautiful wood grains of teak, adding elegance to the space. 





living room media storage

Alexis Suar Wood TV Console

The Alexis Suar Wood TV Console is made of one solid piece of wood! So if one-of-a-kind TV console is what you’re looking for, this is the perfect one for you! Because wood grains are never identical, there can never be two of the same piece! 

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