5 Design Ideas For A Tropical Outdoor Space In Singapore

balcony teak swing with roof

5 Design Ideas For A Tropical Outdoor Space In Singapore

Do you love the tropics? Tropical interior style is all about comfort, with earthy and soothing hues inspired by natural elements such as forests and earth. Other than colors, the material plays an important role here too. Materials from nature such as rattan, cotton and silk can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

For example, this homeowner has placed an outdoor swing crafted from teak wood so that families and friends can enjoy the cool evening breeze! 

Here are 5 ideas to take the design of your outdoor area up a notch!


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#1. Adding In Greeneries

Make your space cozy and warm with some greeneries! Plants are always a fast and easy way to make you feel closer to nature. But of course, not everyone in Singapore is blessed with a large outdoor space or balcony. If you have a small outdoor area, place a slatted wall feature where you can hook your potted plants vertically without taking up any walking space. 





Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Ellaina Teak Foldable Table


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#2. Natural Material

If you have a long and narrow balcony (which is the case for most balconies in Singapore!), go for a teak wooden outdoor bench! Teak are known for their ability to weather through the various outdoor elements, be it rain or shine. Using natural materials such as teak will help to add a tropical touch to your balcony.

penelope teak wood dining table and wooden dining benches

#3. Neutral Colors

While choosing your outdoor furniture in Singapore, remember to pay attention to the colors. Avoid neon colors and go for neutral colors and natural hues instead! Worried about the lack of vibrant colors? Introduce some flowering plants to turn your outdoor balcony into a bright garden!

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Shaniece Teak Balcony Set Of 5


Tables & Chairs

Rohann Teak Balcony Set


Tables & Chairs

Elijah Teak Balcony Set


Tables & Chairs

Daniel Teak Balcony Set


teak cole swing with waterproof canopy

#4. Comfortability

Being outdoors can get pretty hot, or pretty cold in Singapore’s weather where it either rains or shines. While you’re focused on creating a tropical look, remember to consider the practicality too! This swing is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. With a canopy, it provides shade from the outdoor elements!

#5. Patterns of wood grains

If you have a large outdoor space, add a matching teak dining table for your bbq dinners or just for a chill and relaxing time with your family and friends under the stars! With its unique wood grains, it adds another layer of texture for that Tropical vibe.

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