7 Practical, Stylish Small Balcony Ideas In Singapore To Transform Your Balcony For Different Functionality

outdoor wooden bench with slatted backrest and seats

For those who own a balcony in Singapore, the struggle between turning the balcony into an extended part of the living room or maintaining it as it is real. Balconies in Singapore are usually too small for any activities – just like this narrow balcony that’s only wide enough for a teak outdoor bench. Transforming the balcony into part of the living room can help to increase the floor space of your living room, turning the area into a more functional space. 

While everyone loves and enjoys living in a spacious home, turning the balcony into an extended area of the living room means losing the enjoyment of stepping away from the house and being outdoors for a while – whether it’s clearing your mind from work as you work from home, or just to enjoy the evening breeze. 

If you’re also facing this dilemma, check out how these 7 homeowners make the most out of their balcony, transforming it into a useful area that fits their needs instead of using it for storage or drying laundry. 

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Meditation Zone

Turn your balcony into a meditation zone where you can stretch and do some yoga every morning or evening after work. The narrow balcony is perfect for a yoga or gym mat. If yoga is not your thing, place some weights and gym equipment to work and destress through exercising! 

This helps to designate a part of the house solely for exercise, creating your own fitness corner!

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Breakfast & Brunch

Take a trip down the memory lane and have your breakfast or brunch the old-school style, with flower motifs floor tiles and the iconic round marble table with wooden legs. This balcony definitely brings back the good memories of the olden days in Singapore, where families used to sit around these wooden dining chairs and tables, having egg and toast for breakfast!

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Laundry Area

Turn your balcony area into a stylish laundry area! The washing machine is concealed well with the built-in carpentry, while the use of hexagon tiles clearly section the area from the rest of the living room. We also love how the homeowner chose to use large window panels for the roof so that it still allows natural light in for that airy look.

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Playarea For Kids

Being outdoors does wonders for both the body and mind! It’s believed to reduces stress and help us to focus better. Get your kids to enjoy being outdoors by adding some artificial grass that is safe from toxins and it turns it into an outdoor play area for kids!

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Chill And Relax

If you just need a space to have a cold mug of beer or to enjoy the scenery your balcony has to offer, get a balcony set! Taking into consideration how humid Singapore’s weather can get, choose materials such as teak wood or wicker that can provide a cool and comfortable seating in the heat. Besides, teak and wicker both can withstand the sun and rain. Check out Shelton Balcony Set of 3 for something similar.

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Green Space

If you have green fingers, start your own garden! You really don’t need a lot of floor space to have a garden. Start by purchasing a teak planter stand that’ll allow you to maximize the floor space in your balcony. Make full use of the vertical space too, such as the railings and watch your mini garden come to life! This homeowner even added some fairylights underneath the wooden tiles for that magical look at night! 

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Your Quiet Place

Or reserve it as your own quiet place where you’ll be able to surf the net or get some work done without getting disrupted.

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