8 Garden Balcony Ideas If Your Balcony Is Too Small For Anything Else

Balconies offer you a quick and convenient escape from the hustle and bustle of life at the comfort of your home where you can still, relax and chill in the evening breeze while watching the sunsets. 

It paints a very pretty picture but more often than not, the balconies in Singapore’s HDB flats or condominiums are too small for anything other than placing a laundry rack and additional storage space for bicycles and other items. 

However, space should never be an excuse for the lack of use of the balcony! With some proper planning and ideas, you can turn your small balcony into a lush green landscape that offers you a space to relax and unwind in. 

Here are eight small garden balcony ideas to kickstart your creativity and decorate one!


If it’s a tight squeeze to place a balcony set in your balcony, having high bar chairs and a narrow surface secured to the railings as a table will be the perfect solution for you! You can now enjoy your cup of coffee while taking in the full view. You’ll free up more space for your plants too. 



Get space-savers furniture such as this balcony set that can seat up to four people! Pull the seat from under the table top and keep it tucked away neatly without taking up more floor space when not in use. 



Shelton Balcony Set of 3



Bay Balcony Set of 3


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Shaniece Teak Balcony Set Of 5


Tables & Chairs

Daniel Teak Balcony Set



Simply buying an outdoor balcony set in Singapore and placing them in your balcony can change the whole look of your space! For garden balconies, add some potted plants which are hardy and suitable for Singapore’s weather. 



This balcony takes on a white and clean minimalist look, with a touch of an industrial vibe by utilizing that shelf with black pipes for the plants. Choosing to do away with seats, this small balcony looks neat and spacious.



Having a handful of small potted plants can take up quite a bit of floor space especially when you’re already tight for space. Have them hanging vertically instead, creating a nice airy touch to your balcony. Do make sure that your balcony is not too windy or risk having your potted plants falling on someone’s head!



If you have a tight budget to work with, reserve most of your budget to purchase the plants you like and save budget on getting planters! Recycle using wooden crates you might have at home and stack them up horizontally and vertically to create an interesting shelf for your plants.


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If there are no flowers in your garden balcony, make up for the lack of colours by using pots with bright and bold colours to brighten up your balcony! It’s a simple and cost-effective way to create a stunning and colourful garden balcony.



Other seating arrangements for your garden balcony you can explore is swing chairs in Singapore like this! Lean back and relax as you read a book or surf on the internet while enjoy being close to nature.

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