10 Perfect April Fools’ Prank To Carry Out At Home

With the majority of us working from home due to COVID-19, it can seem pretty dull around the house. Have some fun and get started with these little harmless pranks that you can carry out in the house to lighten the mood (or get your revenge at your annoying siblings!). April Fools’ Day is always the perfect chance to do a little prank and get away scot-free!


Insect Lamps

Don’t most of us cringe and run at the sight of roaches? Print out some shadows of cockroaches and paste them on the inner side of the lampshade. Wait till evening when they finally switch on the lamp and realize that there is cockroach underneath!



Tape the remote control sensor

Did you know that taping the sensor of the remote control disable it from controlling the TV? Cut out a small scotch tape and tape it over. They will be so confused when they reach for the remote control and wonder why it’s not working!



Block the mouse sensor

Working from home? Sneak a post-it-note and tape it underneath the mouse. When they flip over the mouse to investigate, they know you’ve got them. 



Drawer surprise

Print out a large image of a scary character – The Nun, IT and many more! Pick a drawer that you know they will open usually and place the image in the drawer so that it’s the first thing they see when they open it. Now just sit back and wait for a surprised scream.



Cracked seat

Paste a macaroni underneath the toilet seat. When your mom or sibling sit on the toilet seat, they’ll think that they have cracked the seat! 



Surprise popper!

Do you do online shopping frequently? Take some of the bubble wraps that came with your packaging and place them underneath the rugs or the bathroom mats that are around the house. They will certainly have a jump!



Confetti ceiling

Place some confetti on the blades of your ceiling fan. If you don’t have ready-made confetti at hand, get some used paper and tear them up into small pieces. Just wait for the first person to turn on the fan in the morning and there will be a shower of confetti! Warning: cleaning up will be a chore! 



Soap that can’t lather

If you are using soap bars at home, coat a layer of clear nail polish. Allow it to dry and place it back in the bathroom. The polish will make the soap waterproof, so they can scrub and scrub but it’ll never produce any soap! 



Stuck Shower Gel

If your family does not use soap bars, mess with their body shower gel instead! Open the cap and get a cling wrap to wrap around the opening. Make sure that no cling wrap can be seen after capping the cap back on. No matter how they squeeze the bottle, they won’t be able to get any body shower gel out! 


Googly Eyes Everywhere.

Glue a pair of googly eyes on every object you can see in the living room, within the fridge, in the bathroom – anywhere you choose! It will appear that the object is staring and watching your every move. 


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