6 Soundproof Tips To Block Out Noisy Neighbours

Just last year, we’ve seen a piece of news regarding neighbours that were extreme enough to ensure that their neighbour do not have a good rest. The family would hammer at the walls, play loud music in the wee mornings and to the extent of intentionally leaving one bedroom that is directly underneath their neighbour’s bedroom unoccupied just so they can blast loud music! 

This lasted for two years until the neighbour decided that this could not go on anymore, filing a complaint with the tribunal. This lead to the court finally ordering the family to vacate their HDB flat within a month. 

Thankfully, most of us do not encounter such neighbours. The more common ones are the sound of furniture dragging in the middle of the night or chattering over the phone. Here are some ways which you can drown out noisy neighbours in your room.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Do you have a neighbour that loves talking over the phone loudly or playing music past bedtime? Rearranging your furniture might be that simple trick you need! Start by moving your bookshelf or wardrobe in Singapore against the wall that is diving you and your noisy neighbour, covering as much of the walls as possible. The simple logic is this – the more mass that is between you and your neighbour, the less sound will travel. To make your room more soundproof, place armchairs or sofas near your windows or doors. The heavier the fabric is, the greater it helps in noise absorption!





2. Seal The Windows

Closing your windows fully might be able to keep some noise out, but the sounds can still trickle in. Ever wonder why all hotels come with heavy curtains? Not only does it help to give their hotel guests privacy, but it also aids in muffling noises, giving their guests a better sleep.

3. Seal The door

Don’t think that closing the doors is enough to drown out the noises! Your effort to make your room soundproof will be in vain if your door is not sealed. There’s usually a gap below the door and the floor, so grab some rug or unused cloth to fill in the gap.

4. Hang Wall Arts

Remember how noises are amplified when you just shift into an empty house? Without any items, noises are able to bounce off the walls, producing echoes. Absorb noises simply by hanging wall arts or decorating your empty walls with shelves. Canvas wall arts are usually empty in the middle. What you can do to make your wall arts help in soundproofing your room is by adding a layer of foam inside. Try to eliminate any blank walls! It also adds a nice decorative touch to your bedroom in Singapore.

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5. Throw A Carpet Or Rug

A soft and thick rug acts as a good sound absorber. If you have wooden floors, having a rug can also protect your floor and save the neighbour living in the unit below you from any noises when you accidentally drag your chair or bump into something.

6. Talk To Your Neighbours

Of course, it’s not always possible to fully soundproof your bedroom especially if you have ‘neighbours from hell’ such as the unfortunate guy who had to file a complaint with the tribunal against his neighbours. If all else fails, invest in some good earplugs. Alternatively, you could also try to be understanding and talk to your neighbours to reach a middle ground before involving the legal authorities!

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