5 Beautiful And Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home On A Low Budget

rattan teak side table with display cabinet and a wicker lounge chair

The style of your home interior design definitely looks fresh and stylish at the start. But after a few years or even a few months when you and your family have settled into the new home, things might feel slightly dull after facing the same design daily. 

For festive occasions where family and friends gather together, changing the look of your home can make your guests get in the mood for the festivity too. 

Whether it’s for a festivity or you’re getting bored of the style of your interior, give you home a fresh new look with these simple tips without doing an overhaul! Revitalize your home today with these easy tips!

#1. Change The Layout Of Your Space

Let your creativity flow! Break away from the usual layout of your home. You’ll be amazed by how changing the layout of your home alone can give your home a totally different feel. 

The first step is to shift your furniture away from its original position in the house so that it helps you to think out of the box and better visualize how other furniture would look in that space. For example, if you do not use your bedside table often, shift it to the living room and place it beside your sofa instead! 





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#2. Fresh Coat Of Paint 

Sometimes, all your living room needs might just be a fresh coat of paint (or wallpaper if you have the budget for it)! Jazz up your space with some patterns by getting stencils for the walls, or let your creativity flow and treat the wall as your canvas to transform the look of your home!

Psst…if you have toddlers at home who love drawing on the walls, paint a wall with some Dry Erase Paint and dedicate that space for your up-and-coming Leonardo Da Vinci! This helps to prevent them from drawing around the house too!

#3. Add Plants

Plants are literally the fastest home decor anyone can add to their home to spruce up their space. They are not only good for your health, they also add a touch of nature and a pop of green. No green fingers? Opt for artificial ones or those that require little maintenance.

#4. Accessorize 

Accessories such as cushion covers, vases, paintings may be small, but they play a huge role in completing the look of a space. Pay attention to the materials other than the colours. For an opulence space, go for glass decors or decors plated with chrome. For a natural and rustic vibe, get inspired from nature by using materials such as stone, marble or rattans!

Bedside Tables & Storage

Shantell Teak Side Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Schyler Suar Wood Cube Side Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Lynnea Teak Coffee Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Ronnell Teak Coffee Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Madelina Teak Side Table Rattan


Bedside Tables & Storage

Raissa Teak Side Table Rattan


Bedside Tables & Storage

Marleah Teak Side Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Charlotte Teak Crescent Table Whitewash


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#5. DIY Something! 

Save your budget by creating some DIY projects for your home and unleash your creativity! They are also an excellent way to add a personal touch to your house while showcasing your artwork! For this simple photo gallery, all you need are some photos, a wooden stick, a roll of black threads and some art paper.

    1. Paint the wooden stick black and allow it to dry. 
    2. Cut 4 threads. One as the handle to hang on the wall, the other three to hang your photos. 
    3. Cut 3 triangles from the art paper.
    4. Next, attach the threads to the wooden stick. 
    5. Lastly, stick all your photos on the threads and one triangle at the end of each thread and you’re done! 

You can change up the colours and style to fit your room interior!

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