Rustic Chic Home Inspirations For Singapore HDBs [2021]

rattan bar stool with teak glass console table

Many styles fall under the term rustic, and that’s because any designs that are natural are what defines rustic! Coastal, cottage, balinese are some of the many designs that fall under the term rustic. 

Other than giving off a casual and relaxed vibe, it can be mixed with other styles to give an elegant and posh look too. For example, this Akar roots console table with a glass table top accentuates the organic and naturalistic form of the piece, yet maintaining a structured and elegant look with the use of glass for the top. 

If you are looking for other ways to add a rustic touch to your house, here are 5 easy ways to do so without breaking your bank! Renovation costs are definitely not cheap and one way of cutting renovation costs is to renovate only the essentials while handling the decorating of the home yourself. Follow these 5 simple ways to achieve that rustic look!

Earthy Colours 

Rustic style embraces nature, so make sure you style your home by choosing items which are earthy colours, such as hues of brown, green, grey – basically colours you see in nature to add warmth to your space! If you’re thinking, does that mean I can only go for neutral colours such as browns and greys? Definitely not! If you love pinks or other colours, you can go for their respective muted colours and it’ll blend with the rest of the colours in the colour palette nicely!

Bedside Tables & Storage

Hayward Teak Sideboard With Rattan


Bedside Tables & Storage

Adrienna Teak Display Cabinet Rattan


Bar Tables, Chairs & Stools

Clementina Teak Bar Stool Rattan


Natural Material 

Choose furniture and accessories which are crafted from natural material, such as a rustic suar wood dining table or one with marble tabletop in Singapore.This home has chosen a long suar wood dining table that’s able to accommodate up to 8 pax. Elevate the look of the dining area with a centrepiece using natural materials such as rattan balls, pebble stones or a wooden bowl with some fruits!

natural living wooden coffee table with glass top and rattan teak sofa for living room

Organic Forms 

Other than the colour and material, the shape is important as well! For a rustic touch, go for items with organic forms. For example, a live edge wooden dining table over a straight-cut dining table, or that round akar roots coffee table. 

Source: Pinterest 

Play With Textures

You will also want to consider mixing items of different textures for a more rustic touch, such as that woven basket for your dirty laundry or getting a mix of various textures of pillows and cushions for your sofa. Rough textures such as wicker or rattan furniture help to make a space feel more intimate and grounded, while smooth textures such as glass and metal gives a more cold and aloof tone to the room. 

Dining Chairs

Barrel Teak Arm Chair





Lighting is a small but easily overlooked factor. Instead of purely white light, consider installing some ambient lights to add more warmth to the space to complete that rustic look to your space. Turn it on when you don’t need to do any reading in the living room for a cosy and intimate space.

Showroom Locations

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