5 Creative Tree Bookshelves Designs To Bring A Touch Of Nature Home

standing tree teak wood bookshelf

5 Creative Tree Bookshelves You Wish You Had To Display Your Books

When we think of bookshelves in Singapore, conventional standard rectangular bookcase comes to mind.  It usually blends into the background of the house interior. However, bookshelves can make a statement in the house too!

Other than the design of the bookshelf, the items you display on it makes a difference to the style of your interior too. Color-coding give a tidy and elegant look, while a display of a collection of items creates an eclectic look. 

Here are five interesting tree bookshelves to display your collections of books in the living room or the bedroom!

kids white wall mounted bookshelf
Source: Pinterest

For The Little One

A mini tree bookshelf for toddlers! What a  creative usage of the bookshelf to display some of toddlers’ favourite toys and books while offering a storage space. Get your kids involved by asking them to pick out their favorite items to put it on display. For the rest of the preloved toys and books, donate them to organisations such as The Salvation Army where they will be sold for those in good condition. Profits will be used for charity. 

Dexter Wood Wall Tree Shelf

Our standard Tree Bookshelf comes in black. To match the white and wood theme for a customer’s home design, the customer has requested it to be customized to white and now we can’t decide if we love the black or the white version more! White gives a more airy look to the space, while black gives an edge to the space.

Shelves & Cabinets

Adabelle Teak Display Shelf



Shelves & Cabinets

Caidon Teak Display Shelf


Shelves & Cabinets

Cheryl Teak Display Shelf


Source: Pinterest

Windswept Shelf

Doesn’t it perfectly mimic a tree being swept by a strong breeze? This interesting wall shelf adds an element of nature in the house, providing ample storage for display too! Sleek and minimalist, it doesn’t take much floor space at all.

Minimalist white teak wood wall mounted bookshelf
Source: Pinterest

Nordic Tree Shelf

Simple and clean design, this is perfect for any Nordic and Minimalist interior home designs! With only 6 compartments for displaying books, this tree bookshelf takes minimalism to another level. Keep some compartments empty for a clean, uncluttered look. 

Bedside Tables & Storage

Emmalynne Teak Storage Sideboard


Shelves & Cabinets

Evangelyn Teak Sideboard


Shelves & Cabinets

Seleen Teak Cabinet Rattan


Office Storage

Ellianne Teak Cabinet



Office Storage

Tammie Teak Sideboard


Bedside Tables & Storage

Faythe Teak Cabinet Rattan


Bedside Tables & Storage

Faithe Teak Chest of Drawers


Source: Pinterest

Tree Stem Shelf 

This creative shelf looks like a tree is growing within the house! Isn’t that neat?! Of course, you can’t buy this off the shelf as it requires special carpentry. And that’s what makes it special and unique. The bottom to top design also elongates the living room, creating an illusion of a taller space.

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