5 Creative Ways To Use Bookshelves Other Than Storing Books in Singapore

While bookshelves are created for storing books, books are not the only thing that can be stored on bookshelves! With some creativity, you can use your bookshelves for other purposes, such as a display rack for your collection. 

Other than the conventional rectangular shape, bookshelves now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well! Check out what other creative and genius ways bookshelves in Singapore are used for at home and get inspired!

#1. Worship Altar

This homeowner in Singapore has beautifully displayed all the items for worship on this bookcase! Using fairy lights around the frame of the bookcase, it lights up the worship altar creating a focal point. The bookshelf is also specially customized to fit the height of the frames perfectly. 


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#2. Partition

Need to section an area of the living room off for a dining area? Instead of getting interior design firms to renovate the house and create a fake partition, having a bookcase is much more cost-efficient! It’s also a two-in-one solution where you get to store your items or display your collectibles in your living room. And if you ever decide to change the style of your house, you can easily do so without having the need to break down the partition.

built-in wood display shelf as partition for home
Source: Pinterest

#3. Add Height

A bookcase that is custom-made to fit the room from the floor to the ceiling helps to increase the height of your house vertically, giving an illusion that the ceiling is taller than it actually is, creating a spacious look to the space. This is definitely one useful tip for most HDBs and BTOs in Singapore as the ceilings are usually low. It also helps homeowners to better utilize their space.

white wood bookshelf for walk-in closet
Source: Pinterest

#4. Closet

Or how about adding it into your walk-in wardrobe? It definitely does not seem intuitive to place a bookshelf in a walk-in closet, but it’s a good alternative to build-in carpentry for shelves. You can change the look and refresh your walk-in closet as and when you like easily. 


Get some drawers to keep your clothes, especially home clothings or pieces of clothing that you will reach for frequently for easy access. If you’re on a budget, look out for those plastic trays and baskets at value-dollar shops or hardware stores in Singapore!



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Source: Pinterest

#5. Console table

Repurpose your old bookshelf adding in wooden planks so that you can store your items horizontally. Finish it off with a fresh coat of paint and you’re done! This will be perfect for kids’ reading rooms or an elderly’s bedroom so that they can reach for the contents of the shelf easily.

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