5 Creative and Genius Umbrella Holder For Your Entryway

01 Source: Pinterest Using wooden poles, this umbrella holder creates an interesting visual to dry your umbrella off! No more tacky bucket-designed umbrella holder in your entryway! Using wood as its base, it can help to absorb water from your dripping umbrella. Now you don’t have to worry about any pool of water that might […]

5 Balcony Hacks to Bring Your Balcony Design to Another Level

01. Lay artificial grass For that garden vibe, lay some artificial grass on the floor. Alternatively, you could get interlocking deck tiles which are easy to assemble and remove. You could also use artificial grass together with interlocking deck tiles to segregate areas of your balcony! Source: Pinterest   02. Place potted plants Plants are […]

The Time-Out Chair: How To Make Time-Out More Effective

Parenting has slowly moved from ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ to using the time-out method instead. Instead of instilling fear in the child, the time-out method allows the parent to communicate with their child while disciplining them at the same time. However, most parents face the same issue – either they can’t get their […]

Ancient Terracotta Warrior Statues Recreated With Modern Cartoon Characters

Terracotta Army is dubbed as one of the ‘Eight Wonders of the World’ by the former French President Jacques Chirac. There were about 8,000 statues discovered, all within 175cm – 190cm tall. Check out the modern take on terracotta warrior statues with cartoon characters – from the famous Disney character Mickey Mouse, to Superheroes Batman, […]

5 Rare Balcony Set Designs To Wow Every Guest!

Personally one of my favourites set so far! Love the simple and clean design, giving off that minimalist/Scandinavian feel!⁣ Check out these 5 other rare balcony set designs in Singapore! 1. Aden Industrial Drum Set  Yes, this really made of oil barrel! If you have an industrial theme interior, this will be the perfect set. […]

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