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4 tier teak wood ladder shelving

Bookshelves are often deemed as just a space to store books and other items in the house. Most bookshelf designs you can find in the market in Singapore are also more often than not similar to each other. What sets one wall shelf apart from the other is usually just the dimensions, colour and the material it’s made from. Other than that, the shape of the bookshelf is pretty standard across – a rectangular shape with shelves to be placed against the wall. 

But with limited space at home, shelves are often dismissed as they’re not seen as an essential piece of furniture to have. While traditional shelves take up floor space, wall storage shelves do not! They can serve as a great display area for you to add a personal touch to your space, showcasing your collections and creating a focal point to the room. They also increase your storage space without eating your floor space. 

Instead of opting for a traditional shelf, get inspired with these unique wall shelving ideas for your home.  

standing tree teak wood bookshelf

#1. Tree Bookshelf

If you are going for the biophilic theme, this tree bookshelf will be a good addition. Its branches create display surfaces of different degrees to hold your books and other items, making a statement in your home.  Check out these 5 other creative tree bookshelves for your home! 

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#2. Built-in Wall Bookcase

If you are renovating, get a built-in bookcase, especially when the walls in your room are of different depths. The best part of getting a built-in shelving is you totally get to create a one-of-a-kind shelf! Have a few designs in mind and go over with your contractor on which will be more ideal and achievable. Get out of the box by exploring other shapes, such as rounded corners or slants to create an interesting visual instead of simple straight planks that are commonly seen in traditional bookcases.

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#3. Piano Display Case

If you have a piano that is no longer working, don’t throw them away just yet! Upcycle them by turning them into a bookcase that can be mounted on the wall. All you have to do is to get a few wooden planks which you can get your hands on from a local timber supplier in Singapore and nail them to the inside of the piano to create surfaces for storage and display. Read here for a more detailed instructions!

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#4. World Map Wall Accent

This map bookshelf will be the perfect accent for homeowners who love exploring different parts of the world. Fill it up with memorabilia brought back from your trips or travel books! This is the perfect idea to fill up any empty or blank walls at home. 



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#5. 3D Sphere Shelf

This circular bookcase is mounted on the wall, with different wooden planks of various heights interlocking to form a 3D sphere. Add a spotlight over it to draw your guests’ attention to the wall and display your collections. It is also a good storage solution to free up standing space if you are struggling with the space of a small BTO flat.

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#6. Minimalist Wall Shelf

Or get classy with this simple and elegant wall shelf option. Taking the essence of a traditional shelf, the design is simplified to just a clean single frame that can be mounted on the wall for this corner of the house.

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#7. Custom-made Wall Shelf

This DIY Pink Gradient Wall Shelf is so insta-worthy! With a brush and some paints, you can create this budget-friendly beautiful wall shelf at home too. Draw a circle and paint them in gradient pink. Next, prepare wood of differing lengths and paint them in shades of pink according to their placement in the circle. And voila, you’re done!

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