6 Mesmerizing Floor Tiles Inspirations For Your HDB Flats

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6 Mesmerizing Floor Tiles Inspirations For Your HDB Flats

While new homeowners generally have an overall theme in mind for their new abode, getting into the finer details of things such as picking out the paint of shades, the fabric for the curtain or the design or color of the tiles can be quite a dilemma. 

For BTO owners, they’re offered the Optional Component Scheme (OCS) that comprises sanitary fittings, internal doors and floor finishes so that it’s closer to live-in condition when they collect their keys. 

If you’re still undecided whether you wish to have HDB’s floor finishes or pick out your own tiles, the best option is to opt-out of the OCS. Many homeowners have opted-in, only to decide that they prefer some other tiles. This requires hacking away the tiles fitted by HDB during renovation and it definitely does not come free. This can easily set you back around 5K or more! 

There are tons of options available on the market today. If you’re sourcing for some inspiration, check out these beautiful and amazing floor tiles used by various homeowners to give their space a distinctive and refined look. 

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Grey Hexagon Tiles

White and grey hexagon matt tiles in different shades are chosen to match the colour palette of the kitchen, setting the space apart from the rest of the house that uses wooden plank flooring. The light tones used for the flooring brightens up the whole cooking area, making it a fun and cheerful place to whip up some delicious meals.

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White Herringbone Tiles

White can be pretty boring on its own, but definitely not these tiles! Using rectangle white tiles to form a herringbone pattern, this designer cleverly distinguishes the entry hall from the rest of the house with the subtle look.


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Green Petal Tiles

These green tiles resemble lily pads, giving bathtime a serene and tranquil experience! As precision and patience is definitely required during the installation of the tiles, it definitely does not come as a surprise the hefty price tag it’s attached to. But these unique floor tiles will definitely elevate your experience when you shower!

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Blue Tiger Porcelain Tiles

Keeping to its muted blue hues used for the living room, these blue tiger porcelain are picked out as floor tiles to complement and tie the whole look of the space together. For a contemporary look, the floor tiles are placed to form a large diamond at the center of the room, creating a focal point to the room.

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Diamond Tiles

This all-white kitchen creates a bright and airy look. To add some character and style to the space, diamond tiles in white and grey hues were selected for the flooring.

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Watercolour Tiles

Have you seen such unique and beautiful tiles? These tie-dye blue tiles definitely help to bring an artistic flair to the space. You can easily achieve this look with some vinyl stickers that’s able to repel water, even if you choose to place them in the bathroom.

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