7 Awesome Ways to Maximize Your Cramped Closet

Ever seen those clean, tidy and immaculate wardrobes? How do they ever achieve it?! Most often than not, we buy ready-made wardrobes in Singapore that comes with some drawers and shelves. As what you’re probably doing right now too, we tend to maximize the space of the wardrobe by squeezing stacks of clothes in. We either make a huge mess trying to pull out that single piece of clothes or waste time trying to find our favorite shirt. Or we might encounter the problem of being unable to fully utilize the space, leaving some spaces unused after placing that stack of clothes. There is definitely a way to achieve a tidy wardrobe without the hefty price tag of customizing our wardrobes to perfectly suit our needs, and this article is going to uncover all those skeletons in the closet – hacks that no one told you about!

Color coordination

Start by separating the types of clothes: short sleeves or long sleeves shirt, sleeveless blouse, skirts, pants, dress etc. After sorting the clothes, you can begin to sort each type according to their colors. Start with the lightest and gradually to the darkest color. Within each type of clothing, arrange them according to ROY G BIV, starting with white and ending with black. For articles of clothing that are multicolored, you can either group them together or use them as a divider between each section of the wardrobe. To make them look tidier, arrange the clothing according to length with the shortest being the first. Start experimenting and figure out what works best for you! Color coordinating your wardrobe helps you save time when you try to put an outfit together. Never be late again for an appointment while trying to match an outfit! It also helps you to save money as you won’t ever ‘accidentally’ purchase similar clothings again (or pretend you forgot so there’s an excuse to buy. Oops, ladies, I’ve let the cat out of the bag…)






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Drawer Inserts

Have space left after placing your clothes in the drawer? Get another cabinet in Singapore or find a box that suits the dimension and place smaller clothing items like socks or face towel. Best yet, diy your very own closet storage box to perfectly suit the dimensions. Not only is this cost-efficient, you’re also recycling, doing your part in saving Earth! Use those self-adhesive wallpaper to wrap the box or any decorative paper, giving it a nice finish while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye at the same time. You can take recycling a step further by wrapping your boxes with unwanted clothing.

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Instead of stacking clothes into a high pile and placing them on one of the shelves in the wardrobe, small drawers that can be placed within the compartments of the wardrobe. This helps to keep things in place and utilize hidden spaces. Alternatively, purchase storage basket and stack them on top of each other, placing clothing that you seldom wear at the bottom of the basket.



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Hook them up!

Maximize space by utilizing your closet doors! Attach wall hooks (or any hooks!) behind your closet doors and hang your accessories such as belts, scarves or even handbags. It’s a fast and convenient way to accessorize your outfit before heading out of the house. 

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Letter organizer

Issues with clutches or small pouches lying around? With small clutches or pouches, use a letter organizer to organize them so that they are propped up nicely and easy to reach for!

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Soda Tabs

Any idea what’s the tab on the soda can for? By now most of us probably know that it’s designed to hold the straws in place. But I bet you didn’t know about its other hidden function. Use the tab soda to hold two hangers together, becoming a double hanger! Now you can hang two items of clothing just using one hanger space in the wardrobe. Or you could coordinate your outfit for the next day using this double hanger, making one outfit easier to reach for. Amazing what a little soda tab can do, right? Next time remember to save those little soda tabs after you finish your drink!

Folding techniques

Having compartments definitely organize your clothing a lot better. However, it still does not prevent you from making a tsunami after pulling that shirt which is sandwiched between others with the standard stacking method. Have you heard of the Konmari folding method yet? Not only is it easy to follow, it maximizes storage space and you can see all your clothing at one glance. Now, you don’t have to rummage through stacks and piles of clothes anymore! Just pick your clothing without messing up the entire drawer. Besides, it is easier to rotate wearing all your clothing instead of only wearing the few pieces that are always on top of the stack. Though it takes some time getting used to, it’s definitely worth making this your new folding technique!

If all else fails and your wardrobe is still cramped, it’s time to sort through your clothing and decide which clothing have to go! I know there’s a lot to go through. First, separate your piles into three: the ‘favourites’, the ‘maybe’ and the ‘unwanted’. For the ‘maybe’ pile, it’s usually the toughest to decide. First, put them on and ask yourself. Do you feel great and wearing it? If yes, place it back into the closet. If you are hesitant about it, put it into the pile to be removed from your closet. Review this pile and look at the condition of the clothing. If they are still in prime condition, why not consider donating them to charities? Even if there are some clothing which you are unwilling to let go, it might make you feel better knowing that you are giving them away for a good cause!

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