8 Clever Ways To Organize Your Books And Turn It Into A Home Library

It doesn’t take much to tell if someone is an avid reader or not – take a look at their home and you’ll probably find stacks of books lying everywhere in just about any corner. You may not like reading books, but you probably have tons of children’s books if you are a parent. Being a kiasu parent, you know it’s good to expose them as early as you can to books. 

Here are 11 ways you can organize your books instead of just randomly placing them on the cabinets or bookshelf in Singapore.

1. By Colours

It will look super aesthetic and visually pleasing to the eyes as you see rows of books with the same colour being placed next to each other. It’s also a quick way of finding that particular book again if you are a visual person who tends to associate the colour of the book cover to the story. 

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2. By Genre

Horror stories? To the top row on the left of the bookshelf. Romance stories? Middle row on the right. Categorizing your books according to genres has proved to be the most popular choice and the easiest to source for a book – just simply take a look at your bookstores and libraries!

3. Alphabetically, by titles

If you remember the book by its titles more than the plot itself, organizing your books according to its title will be more efficient for you when you are looking for a specific book. This works great as a further step when you organize your books by genre.

4. Alphabetically, by authors

If you remember the author of the book more than its title, placing your books on the shelves according to authors will be the organizing system you want to stick to. Besides, it will look pretty neat on the shelves too as the books are usually about the same size!

5. Stack your books

Ran out of space? Don’t be afraid of stacking them vertically! You can place them on your coffee table with some home accessories to act as a centrepiece for the living room. For this purpose, you might want to pick out books that are newer unless you are going for a rustic look for your living room.



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6. By height

You can also organize the books according to its height, from the shortest to the tallest. It will be a therapeutic process too to see these books placed neatly in rows as they gradually increase in height! 

7. By how much you like them

Have those books that didn’t turn out to be as enjoyable as you thought they would be? Place them in those hard to reach corners since you know you won’t reach for them and your favourite ones at places that are easy to reach for. 

8. Chronologically

This works best for all the new books that you have bought but has yet to read. Dedicate an area of your bookshelves for new books – just like how libraries always have a section for new arrivals – and organize them according to the order you would like to read! 

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