4 Ways Fengshui Can Help Your Child’s Concentration While Studying

With holidays coming to an end, it means it’s time for your child to get back to school and studying soon! If your child has a hard time concentrating, using Fengshui might help to improve their concentration while studying. Fengshui is all about the placement of things and how it can bring positive energy to the space that aids you, bringing health as well as wealth to your household if it is used in the correct way.  

Find out how Fengshui can help to improve your child’s concentration in 4 different ways.

#1. Decluttering

Fengshui might be able to give you the ideal placement of things to help improve your child’s concentration, but if the studyroom is cluttered with tons of stuffs, it is going to create a visual clutter which will likely create distraction in the room. So the first step is keeping away things from the study table which are not essential for studying, such as toys. This helps in reducing distractions in the room.

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#2. Location of the study room 

Ideally, choose a room that is in the direction of the east. If that is not possible, other directions are fine but avoid rooms that is in the northwest direction. According to Fengshui, the northwest direction is not good for a child’s concentration as they tend to be restless. Facing the east or the north on the other hand, would give them a boost in energy, helping them to stay focused longer while they study.

#3. Placement of the study table

After you have decided which room is going to be the study room, now it’s time to place the study table. Instead of reusing that round dining table as a study table for your child, get either a square or a rectangle study table.The study table should be facing either the south or the west direction for the best effect. If there is a window in the room, the study table should be placed on the right side of the window. You can add wind chimes or plants near the study area as it is believed to be able to protect the area from negative energy. If you do not have a green thumb, keeping cactus is a good option as they do not require watering frequently.

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#4. Colour 

According to Fengshui masters, light shades of blue, green, white and cream are recommended for the room. Avoid any dark shades. This not only brightens up the room giving your child more energy while he studies, it makes it seem more spacious too.

Other than these, remember to keep your child’s study area well-lit with a good reading table lamp and browse for more furniture in Singapore online!

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