3 Must-Haves for a Cosy Corner In Your Home

Wish to create a private space of your own? 

The good news is – it honestly doesn’t take up much space for your cosy corner to materialize! Whether you are living in a condo or HDB flats, space constraint is not a problem – you can create your very own cosy corner! Spend the weekend sipping tea or coffee, reading your favourite book or browsing the net without a care in the world. Sounds perfect, eh? Let’s get to it! 

First, decide where to your cosy corner is going to be. Cosy corners (or a reading nook, whatever you wanna call it!) can be created at any area of the house as long as you feel comfortable to be in – be it the living room, study room or bedroom! It’s also the perfect solution if you are trying to fill that empty, weird corner of the house. 

Our advice: pick a spot that is near a good lighting so you can do some reading or surfing on the internet. Spots near windows are good for natural lighting. Sunlight not only brightens the space, it can improve your mood too. Without sufficient light, whether you are staring at the screen of your digital devices or books, it can be taxing on the eyes and cause damage to your eyes in the long run. If your house layout does not allow natural lighting to reach your cosy corner, place lamps as an alternative. Choosing the correct lighting can create a nice and warm ambient that helps to make your corner appear cosier. 

Pick a quiet corner too since you would probably want to be undisturbed as you do your reading. Or simply put on your headphone with some white noise as the background music to boost your concentration. 

After you picked a spot, start gathering these three essentials items mentioned below! Be sure to pick items of colours and tones that match the current style of the space; you do not want it to look like it’s a separate space inside your bedroom or living room.

Cushion Covers

Fil-Leh Cushion Cover



Comfort is the key here. Are you someone who prefers to sprawl on the floor with a pillow than sitting on the sofa while watching TV? Taking this into consideration, choose your furniture for seating! It can be an armchair, a beanbag or a rug! Tall armchairs are always popular as a reading chair. Giving support to both the neck and the spine, the user can lean back comfortably without worrying about their posture. Armchairs usually come as a set with a footstool as well to prop your feet up. Depending on your preference, buy them as a set or just the armchair alone.

If you want something versatile, opt for beanbags! These beanbags offer 5 different seating positions, whether you like sprawling down flat on your tummy or sitting straight up. You can place it in the living room too when you have guests coming over for a gathering on a relaxed Saturday evening. Who doesn’t like sinking into bean bags? It’s also a popular option with the kids! Its versatility allows the bean bag to be placed in any space and for any purpose!

Besides chairs, you can also look at rugs or cushions as an alternative if you have a floor window. If you have a luxury of a balcony and enjoy basking in the humid weather of Singapore, a sun lounger might just be the perfect option for you. 

Personally, we love the window seats but sadly it’s hard to incorporate window seats with most of the HDB designs. Of course, if you have some money, getting an interior designer to build one would allow you to materialize your dream. Whichever seating arrangement you decide on, remember that it has to be comfortable for you as you will likely be spending a few hours on it.


Bedside Tables & Storage

Wendie Teak Leather Strap Side Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Cora Industrial Teak Sofa Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Hazelle Teak Cube Side Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Hayden Teak Side Table



Make your cosy corner more inviting and relaxing with pillows and blankets! If you choose to buy a rug for your seating, get larger cushions so that you can lean back comfortably against the wall. Cushions are also good for propping up your laptop as you watch a movie. Floor seating can tend to look slightly bare sometimes. Love how this homeowner printed and framed these posters to complete the look of the space. 

Just look at how this space makes use of multiple pillows to create more comfort! Throw in more pillows and extend your private space for your friends to enjoy as well by asking them over for a pillow party! Place some scented candles in the room, dim the lights and put on your favourite movie! Remember to put your phone on silent! Now, popcorns, anyone? 

Side-table or Foldable Table

Last but not least, decide on a surface where you can place your hot or cold beverages as you unwind in your cosy corner. Gather things which you might need on your side table – a drink, a phone, or a charger and you will have everything you need within your reach without the need to get up. 

Rose gold is in trend now, so how about this Rose Gold Mirror Side Table? Place this side table to add a touch of lavishness in your room! Or pick a stool! Stools are not just for seating; it can be used as a side table too. With its versatility, it’s a great option as it can increase your living room seating when you have more guests over!  Pick this industrial stool for that pop of blue! 

With these three items, your cosy corner is created! The next step? Enjoy your weekend as you spent some me-time or together with your loved ones!

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