Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas For Singapore Homes 2019

Christmas is approaching soon! Get your home looking festive and set the ambience for your guests as everyone gathers around to celebrate this joyous occasion. Other than the turkey and log cakes on the dining table, home decorations also play an important role in getting everyone into the festive mood. 

Whether you have a large budget to work with or a low budget, you will surely find something that is suitable for your budget in the list below to bring some Christmas vibe into your home.

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#1 Faux Christmas Tree

If you have a large budget to work with, get a fake Christmas tree which you can store away in the storeroom easily after Christmas is over and reuse it for next year. If you do not have the budget for a Christmas tree, this is one other alternative! Get some garlands and fairy lights to create a Christmas tree shape and you have a Christmas tree! Now get ready to unbox your presents under the Christmas tree!

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#2 Snowflakes Garland

Get some glitter paper and cut out snowflakes to create a beautiful garland which can be hung around the shelf. If you have more budget, you can buy snowflakes cut-out from art and craft stores such as Artfriend or Spotlight in Singapore. You can play around and explore other shapes, such as reindeers, Christmas trees or even ginger breadman!

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#3 Candles centrepieces

Christmas is all about warmth and a cosy vibe. Candles are a great and cheap way to do that! Get some strings and dried cinnamons and tied it around the candle. Place them in different corners of the house and smell the aroma of cinnamon wafting through the house as you light the candles. Remember to place a tray underneath to collect the melted wax!

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#4 Fairy Lights 

Seriously, fairy lights are your lifesaver! Not only are they pretty and they add a festive and cosy vibe to any space, but they are also super affordable and can be purchased online easily. Hang them around the Christmas tree or as a garland. Alternatively, you can also put them in a glass bottle or jars and place them around the living room,

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#5 Repurposed Glass Jars

Always keeping those glass jars after you finish the sauces but don’t know what to do with them? Now is a good time to put them to good use! Pour acrylic paint into them in red, green, or silver and gold depending on your theme for Christmas. Add some faux leaves or flowers and you’re good to go!

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